Monday, September 1, 2014

Microsoft+Nokia=Windows phone

Microsoft Corp. announced it has completed its acquisition
of the Nokia Devices and Services business. The acquisition has been approved by Nokia shareholders and by governmental regulatory agencies around the world. The completion of the acquisition marks the first step in bringing these
two organizations together as one team. Nokia is timeless, sentence
appropriate to describe Nokia today.
This, while the Android mobile phone manufacturers only
vying to undermine the glory
Nokia's decades of
in the gadget industry and Smartphone world.
Although highly competitive mobile phone tight, Nokia is still standing strong today relying on the OS Windows Phone as OS employed, in contrast to standard enterprise
Other phones that use the OS
Android as a magnet to attract
consumers. Windows Phone becomes part separated from Nokia until today.
The acquisition strengthened with Microsoft buy Nokia company as one of part of the company in the affairs of the gadget. Naturally
microsoft will not willingly this  important  company using the Android OS, but the news
Nokia has begun to develop outstanding Android smartphone named Nokia NORMANDY.
Nokia's presence is indeed news continues Normady, but Nokia has not issued an official statement about The newest smartphone.

Keep friendly

Sitting alone in coffee shop waiting for a cup of black coffee.
Something touch my legs softly and staring to me with cares
Then quietly lay down on my sandals
And looking at me like a sleepy eyes
I touched her head with softly
She shift her head to my hand
With domination black color and little yellow spot on the body
Keep friendly with me
Hey cat!..would you like something to drink?
Coffee or milk?


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mobile Art

Pictured was shoot outside from building and I setting this photo for frames and zooming the object. Place in Cinere Depok. The building is Traditional architecture of Balinese Pura (Temple) in front of Cinere Hospital and housing of Naval. There is a lake near Temple with some flamboyan tree, few months ago water from lake flooding on the street but today there is some beautiful object at this place. When I finishing take a pictured some tree, it look like oriental or chinesse Painting style that I made. It is quiet easy to setting brightness, contrass,frame to make a pictured like this mobile photo.  Many application software for photo and video editing that we may download in google play store with free if your phone used Android operating system. Ok just take a look my photographed by mobile it same with profesional?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Windows Defender

There is many anti virus software we can download in internet. If we want full protection that is make our computer saved from virus and malware we must buy it, or with free download that is not full protection we can install and using with some risk consequently. Many brand of anti virus software that we can found in internet and that is make confused for the beginner which one the best for computer. Maybe for some computer user they dont care with protection software because they are the old or they didnt have computer knowledge. 
This topic does not discuss how the complexity of computer technology but a common people who does not know about computer can be able to do their own installation of anti-virus software. In Window 7 operating system there is antivirus software that we able to install. This is a part of window 7 operating system it make we dont need to install another anti virus software that we can found in internet. This program is full protection software that make our computer save from virus and malware. Although it was not automatically install in window 7, we able to install by self with click start on menu and click 'control panel' after it opened we can type Windows Defender in search bar (right on the top of control panel) than you can following the instruction to activation. Dont forget to click 'update' on Windows Defender page after months that we used.

Friday, August 22, 2014


The bird was discovered in bush backyard. I dont know what kind species  of this bird that she have orange long beak like colibry. She has blue spots colour on her wings. She eat small fish and insect. My causin tell me that her favorit food is eating something like plankton in the river. Maybe her life habitat near river before traped in bush.  After take a pictured, we release her because she look more better health than first time my causin found in bush. We never see before this bird species. When my causin open his right hand to release her, she flying vertical so fast like rocket and landing on over 5 meter wall, she look at to us and it look like she wants to say goodbye.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The highest

Do you ever feel lonely in this world?  People around you was your friend,family,partner, team work or relations ship?  How richest you are even you can buy a diamond bigger than egg and that is your own property is all that  make you satisfied and happy? If you got all that thing it means you are on the top, you are the ruler, you are high level and your position is the highest in the structure of power of your company. All that thing's is your rights because long time ago you worked very hard, with your skill,knowledge,ambition,hope,passion and today you are the highest.  After you stay in top level what do you want to do? What your vision and your mission for the future and for your self? did you ever felt all people around you is your servant? Did you ever felt all people in your company obey to you?  did you believed them? usually people who have been in the highest position of a company because it has to start from the bottom level to tackle the problem because he had the experience of previous disclosures that may make him into the top leadership, it can all be gone through because of all that he try is not instant and takes long time. He can handle it because he had many experience in his life, and people like this always can handle they problem.

differences will be evident to those who obtain a position as head of the company with instantly. Usually people like these who have become the highest leadership in the company will pursue his work with suspicion, consider all the workers around him as his slave, impatient, felt need to change of situation around and replacement workers.  People with this attitude always assumed that loyalty, obedience, admiration, position and power could be buy with money. 

Dont worried, it cannot be have a long time in his position. The leader with this type attitude leadership is often deceived by people who work for him.There is too many deceitfulness around him. He cannot handle deceitfulness in his company because he had no experience.  How differences that we see it, rich person on the top level structure because they begin from basic level with have a  long time experience and many idea to created new technology that are useful for people and the world, and they were not instantly.

For examples : Mr. Bill Gates, Mrs.Oprah Winfrey, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and many scientist who are the winner of Noble Prize, people like them will not want or do not ever want or do not want that they position as supreme leader of the company will be handed over to they Son or family. Because those people, know that experience,  method of thought, they idea, they own mindset, passion and patience never the same forever with other, except they are from the beginning has been prepare a candidate who could take his place in the company with same vision and mission.  Hierarchy of power in the company is not the same as a power of monarchic system.

This Machine to help and make it easy people doing they job to connecting people.
With this technology, your office can be every where.

Mini Cooper's Countryman 2014

They claim its comfortable for passenger drink Coffee inside this car when speeding, and they didnt explaining how fast speeding that the passenger feel comfortable when in the car.
Mini Cooper Countryman is product made at 2014 is a save car with 7 airbags, four doors, all 4 wheel drive, five seats, lots of clever storage, top speed 182 km/hour, fuel energy consumption  7,2 L/100 km stellar fuel efficiency and the agility to run circles around anything that crosses your path.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Standby time up to 27 day's

Sometimes people so bored if always charger smartphone when low battery  and they still in car, train,bus or traveling  although used power bank for reserved power supply. This situation is not comfortable for smartphone user's when they doing job it must be communicated every hour by phone. We dont know how very busy people who work in New York City stock exchange or Tokyo stock Exchange when they serve client? 

With urgent,busy or SOS Situation and the condition must be communicating by phone, what do you want to do when your phone very low baterry and automatically shutdown while you still stay in forest, Sea or desert and you need help?  Call 911?..

Maybe Philips Smartphone Android S308 can help you..This Smartphone have a live time battery power for 700 hour's standby time and 9.5 hours talktime, its over 20 day battery live time!

Specification of Philips S308:        

Network : 3G/WCDMA; GSM band: 850, 900,4,1800, 1900 MHz

SIM card : Dual card GSM

Dimention : 126mm X 64.5mm X 9.7mm

Weight : 125g

CPU : Dual-core 1GHz

Memori internal : RAM 512MB, User memori

1160 MB

Memori external : Selot microSD up to 32GB

OS Android: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Data transfer : GPRS (Class 12, Class B),EDGE

Browser : WAP,MMS, WAP 2.0, Internet on mobile

Messaging : SMS, E-mail, MMS

Display: TFT Touchscreen 16M color, 4 inch

480x800 pixel, capasitive

Camera: CMOS VGA front, 5MP back

Video Record : Yes, format mp4

Video Playback : MPEG4, H.264, H.263 (30fps)

Audio Record : Yes, AMR

Audio Playback : AMR, Midi, MP3, AAC,WAV

Featured : Games, Agenda, Alarm Clock,

Calculator, Calendar, Countdown timer,

Handwriting recognition, Document Viewer,

Documents Reader, Photo Editor, Motion

sensor, Widget, Stopwatch, GPS (A-GPS)

Conectivity : Bluetooth 3.0 (A2DP), jack

audio 3.5mm, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi

Battery : Li-ion 1400 mAh; Standby time:

700 hrs (Dual Sim); Talk time: 9.5 hrs


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