Sunday, August 23, 2015

Save your family

Share from WA group.
If you love your self and your family, dont do this when you driving car


Source : WA Group by Yogi Andriyadi

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Great man from Indonesia

I share this from facebook, writer by Irin Khairina.

For Irin Khairina,Mbah Sadiman was the real Hero
His name Sadiman, from Bulukerto vilage disrtrict Wonogiri,Java,Indonesia.  His age 61 years old. During 19 years he planted mountainside Gendol with 11,000 seedlings, 4000 including the banyan seedlings tree. Walking uphill as far as 2 km, with painstaking,Sadiman planting mountainside. Peoples around him said he is strange and ridiculed to plant and cultivate the slopes. With no strings attached, with his own money he even pays residents, to exchange for rent, so that people never cut down the tree that he had planted. His efforts are not in vain. Now 3,000 people have been enjoying the clean water. Earlier people take clean water of small river during the dry season. Sadiman still want to plant 20,000 seedlings banyan tree again. The target is, peoples from other villages can also get clean water. Ironically, his motivation can not be done. No banyan seed aid as he wants from the government of the surrounding village. Whereas Sadiman willing to plant and take care of the banyan seed until it grows up. Are there people who want to donate the  banyan tree seedlings for Sadiman?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Bomb in Bangkok

Explosion in central Bangkok at 2100, close to Erawan shrine. Reportedly bomb blast. 2nd device to be defused. 12 reported died.

Source : CNN
Writer/Share : Waseso Yalanto

Explosion in Central Bangkok

CNN Breaking News: explosion in central Bangkok at 2100, close to Erawan shrine. Reportedly bomb blast. 2nd device to be defused. 12 reported died.

Source: CNN
Writer  : Waseso Yalanto

Trigana Air Plane Was Crashed

The ministry of Transportation Ignatius Jonan and DGCA Suprasetyo held a press conference on disaster of Trigana Air plane at the Ministry of Transport office, Jakarta, Sunday night (16/8). The ministry of transportation said based on the information gathered, the best route of Jayapura-Oksibil carrying five crew members and 49 passengers was crashed into a mountain in district Okbape , District Gunung Bintang, Papua.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Indonesia's Trigana Air Service Plane Missing in Papua

Information :
on Sunday 16-08-2015 b, a place in the airport Oksibil obtained information about the type of aircraft Trigana Atr 42 PK YN. Lost contact with the airport tower, the plane take off from Sentani airport at 14.30 pm last position aircraft in the area amiksibil  districts approximately 10 km from airports.

Name of passenger Trigana Plane PK YRN FLIHGT NO IL 257

Crew plane 5 people
Captain: Hasanuddin
Co pilot. : Ariadin f
Technician : Mario
Stewardess: Ika N ,Dita A

1. sari Mrs. Endah mustika
2. La boni Mr:
3. Yulita kalakmabin mrs
4. Manuella uropmabin miss
5. Mark kalakmabin mr
6. Oskar mangonto me
7. Menakem mote me
8. Josiah mote me
9. Augustine luarmase mr
10. Mr Dewa Putu raka
11 M N Aragae mr
12 Justin hurulean mr
13 La ode M mr
14 Wa ode Suriana mrs
15 Yohanis kiabra mr
16 yunus setamanggi mr
17 Supriyani mrs
18 pariem mrs
19 ardono / mr hikmad
20 yundriadi mrs
21. Susilo mr,
22 utopdana Hosea mr.
23 asirun mr,
24 amran mstr
25.musvia mrs
26 wengdepen bamulki mr
27 ESAP Aruman mr
28 piter mr
29 solar mr
30 thenus babingga mr
31 natikonop Irenaeus mr
32 marusaha sitorus. Mr
33 armaita ms
34 epi ardi mrs
Eki 35 kimki mr
36 Kepi deal mr
37 mr petrus Tekege
38 kasipmabin engel bertus mr
39 milka kakyarmabin mrs
40 ewelin uropmabin. Mr
41 theo stiben kalakmabin mr
42 Yusran mr
43 egenio dilam. Ms
44 emilia Gobay mrs.
45 ronald dilam mr
46 alimdam em- mr
47 Methodius. DK. Mstr
48 marselino dk mstr
49 valerin mstr

Trigana Plane Lost Contact

Indonesia's Trigana Aircraft Service missing in Papua, Trigana Air
Flight number : TGN 267
Registrasi PK-YRN
Type : ATR 42
Route : Sentani - Oksibil
Departure from Sentani : 14.21 LT
Estimate Time Arrival Oksibil : 15.06 LT
Pilot : Capt.Hasanudin
First Officer : Ariadin
Pramugari : Ika & Dita
Penumpang : 44 Dewasa / 2 Anak / 3 Bayi
Fuel endurance : 3 jam 30 menit
Last Contact/Leaving frekuensi dr Jayapura APP ( ATC DJJ ) jam 14.37 LT
Informasi dari ATC Sentani
Lost contact..

Monday, August 10, 2015

Tropic park

Located : Jl Raya Cinere. Depok Indonesia

Plants : Bougenvile,bunga kamboja,cemara,Chrysant,mawar putih,mawar merah,bambu kuning,soka,Bonsai.

Price : between 20.000 IDR to 300.000 IDR

Saturday, August 1, 2015

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World for 2015

who is most beautiful woman in the world,  version from youtube

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


May Allah bless the baby and peoples who give help

Among the cruel war and inhumanity

There is still kind and noble peoples

Some strong men were digging the rubble to release the baby from bleak future

With faithful and hope

They continue explore the ruins comprised of sand and stone

And finally they successful freeing the beautiful baby and still alive!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Over 624 Million people's watched this video on youtube to enjoy Sugar Song by Maroon 5!

Future House

Lets go Collect gold coins, until one sack, two sacks, three sacks and ended up as high as a mountain, and make us very rich, then we pay power with our money, and we pay enjoyment, until we feel pleasure that is not going to end, and we pay authors history to change our life story as demigod hero, and we pay for the pleasure of vision spectacle, and we paid the waiters politicians to authority and power, and we pay entertainers and cooks to serve the pleasure of our tongues, and we pay for pleasure our hearing with the sound of music with angel singer, and we pay the oldest wine to make us happy in our world, and we pay the builders to make buildings with pillars of gold, diamond lamps, wall silver for our castle, with wealth so much that, with powers such as Pharaoh, with our power to change history, with purity, honesty, justice and faked wisdom written by the history rented writer, with power and great wealth us, we will not be and can not be delay a death, and we can not postpone a death, and we will leave our lovers, and we will leave our bed, and we will leave our enjoyment, until we one day occupy a place to stay the same size with our bodies, with soil walls , and we are alone in that place forever, with a beautiful body would be the bones brittle, fragile like dry leaves, this is where we are at a time when that will come, which is a place they call the tomb ..

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hijab Researches in USA

Karim Metwaly, hijab researcher in America said his analisys about moeslem woman that used Hijab.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

VW Beetle 1971

VW Beetle 1971, it was Classic favorite car in Jakarta.  This mini car are toys,I take the pictured with my smartphone.  In facebook I posting with status ' for rent ' and maybe no body knows that this car is toy before I publish my car in my blog.

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