Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Queen Band

ON THIS DAY In Queen History -  for 23 November
QUEEN: 1973 Glasgow Apollo; 1974 Gothenburg; Konserthuset, 1975 Bournemouth Winter Gardens; 1977 Philadelphia Spectrum; 1978 St Louis Checkerdome; 1980 Zurich Hallenstadion; 1982  'Staying Power' released US; 1983 filming 'Radio Ga Ga', Shepperton; Filming1989 The Miracle'/1990 'Headlong'; 1999 5ive released "Invincible" ft Queen 'WWRY';  +PR: 2007 The Priory working on 'Say It's Not True'.  FREDDIE MERCURY: 1991 Statement on having AIDS; 1992 "Tribute Concert" VHS released UK; 2001 Photographic Exhibition opened Tokyo.  ROGER TAYLOR: 1994 Newcstle Riverside; 2009 'The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)' DL released. BRIAN MAY: 1991 worked on 'Nothin' But Blue'/wrote lyrics 'Somewhere In Time'; 1993 Hamburg Congress; 1998 Melbourne. MORE FOR DAY: http://bit.ly/1NmZk39

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Innovation Of HELMHOLTZ Formula.

Dr. Yogi Ahmad Erlangga

The figures are now being hunted by the conglomerates world oil business and first-class universities did not miss after him so he could be present on campus to hold a public lecture. Including electronic media were competing invited to talk show.

This Tasikmalaya people managed to solve the Helmholtz equation is a mathematical formula that shackles experts in science and technology for 30 years and no one is able to solve it.

'' Many experts are avoiding research to solve the Helmholtz formula because it is very difficult and complicated, '' said graduate Cum Laude Bachelor of Science from Institute Tehnologi Bandung.

When he continued his PHD in the Netherlands, lecturers from ITB, was challenged by the shell oil company for help DUT Delft University of Technology to solve the Helmholtz formula. Having conducted research to spend around 6 billion financed Shell, thanks to his genius formula was finally able to break him, which stunned the world of science and technology, and received congratulations from universities in Europe, Israel and USA

Based on these findings make a lot of the world's oil companies are very happy and asked for his help. Because, with the formula that they can be 100 times faster in finding the source of the oil in the ground through which electromagnetic waves reflected from the earth with very high accuracy.

If Yogi wants to do maintenance his intellectual property rights for his invention , maybe he will get big money . But this young scientist's full name is Yogi Ahmad Erlangga resist including a formula called the discovery by ERLANGGA EQUATION. Patents This discovery will only further hamper the development of science knowledge. Thesis PHD are arranged in Mathematics Department in the same campus in Delft, was selected as the best thesis in the Netherlands by MNC

"I want these findings be used for the greater development of science and technology, because it is a human right. This right can be guaranteed if the knowledge held by the public and is open source "said Yogi.

Industry can apply this formula include radar industry, aviation, submarine, data storage in a blue ray disc (DVD super that can contain tens of gigabytes of data), and applications on laser and other sciences associated with electromagnetic waves.
A book about the Helmholtz equation he made while still in the Netherlands too, have been sold in a short time.
'' Only one book and I do not have a copy of it again, ''

'' I still have a personal obsession. My desire was to do research on the aircraft that became his specialty Aeronautics and Astronautics, petroleum, and biomechanics, '' said award-winning VNO-NCW Scholarship from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Yogi Ahmad grants, now Lecturer at Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia got the nickname because Habibie Young spectacular discovery in the field of mathematics. The presence of Dr. Yogi Ahmad Erlangga who are willing to work at Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is also an own pride for the Indonesian Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

First, BJ Habibie find a formula that is able to shorten the crack propagation prediction until earning the nickname Mr. Crack. Many aviation industry in various countries using the formula of the invention Habibie, including NASA in America, now, Dr. Yogi Ahmad Erlangga greatness Habibie continue to find and solve the Helmholtz equation.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lets Pray for The Innocent Peoples in Syria

Few days After Paris under attack, Syria got same attack in Central City.

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Genting Islands Malaysia

A place on lines of LAS VEGAS, Gentings is a popular tourist destination with the World's largest hotel, number of casinos,an indoor and an outdoor theme park with rides and attraction on line with Disneyland. The mountain resort is just an hour's drive from Kalimantan Island.  Few days ago disaster on highway to Genting Islands.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Winner

He was black, born in the slums of Brooklyn, New York, he passed his life in a poor neighborhood and discrimination, one day his father gave him a piece of old clothes:
"You think, how the value of this outfit?" He replied:
"Maybe USD 1."
"Can sold for USD 2? If successful, it means you have to help your father and mother,
"I'll try," he took the clothes to the subway station and sells for more than six hours, he finally managed to sell $ 2 and ran home,
Later, his father again gave a piece of used clothing:
"Try you sell for $ 20?"
"How is it possible? This outfit most just USD 2 ".
His father said,
"Why are you ill try it first? "
Finally, he got the idea, he asked for help his cousin to describe a funny Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse that a rogue on the clothing, he then sold in the children rich school, and sold USD 25
his father again gave him a piece of used clothing,
"Are you able to sell it with the price of USD 200?".  This Time he received without the slightest doubt, incidentally popular film actress "Charlie's Angels", Farrah Fawcett was in New York, after the press conference, he broke through the security guard and asked Farrah Fawcett sign in clothing mark and then sold USD 1500.
On that night. His father asked:
"My son, from experience selling three pieces of clothing is what you understand?"
He replied,
"As long as we want to think there must be a way".  His father shook his head:
" you are not wrong! "
"But that's not what I mean, I just wanted to tell you that a piece of used clothing which is worth one dollar can also be increased in value, especially us, as human beings? Maybe we are dark-skinned and poor, but what's the difference? "
Since then, he studied with harder and harder training, twenty years later, his name is famous throughout  in the world. He is MICHAEL JORDAN ...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Brandon Boyd's Art Exhibition

Name                       : Brandon Charles Boyd

Occupation              : Singer in Band called Incubus, Art painter, Song writer


Monday, November 2, 2015

Martial Arts Documentary "Shaolin Secrets" - BBC Documentary


The Shaolin temple in China is the most famous place in the world to learn Self defense and Budhism Philosophy.  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fire In Cemoro Sewu, Mountain Lawu Central Java

The Status of  Lawu mountain fired  observed since 18 October 2015. The fire seen among post 3-4 Cemoro sewu eastern Java. To this day the 25th of October 2015 or the week of the fire has spread to the region of Central Java.
Fire in the region of Central Java looks at four points around the 63 plots behind the post 2 'Cemoro Kandang', on Gondosuli, about Tahura in post 2-3 and one point of Jogorogo direction towards the Candi Cetho.
Efforts outage has been done until now. In Cemoro sewu in Alert 2 water tanks in anticipation of a state of emergency because of the movement of the fire was approaching the agricultural land area residents. Residents already standby in anticipation of the movement of the fire was approaching land.
In plot 63 fires have started to spread to swath 62. The extent swath approximately 8-10 ha. At this location the most vulnerable because it was closer to land people.
Judging from the movement of the fire for one week starting on post 4 Cemoro sewu up to 62 plots Tahura and the fire was moving approximately 8 km. It is certainly worrying. The movement of the fire to the north and has a tendency to bottom. This is possible because the vegetation Lawu over 3 posts tend to be small trees and shrubs that may have been depleted during the past week. So it is most likely move down towards fire forest forestry management. If the fire has come down very likely be larger, since vegetation is pine forest. And this will greatly complicate efforts and fire extinguishing relatively longer lit with fired that burn small trees and shrubs.
Feels that the current impact is the loss of clean water coming from the mountain population of Mountain Lawu. may also affect the water supply in the future due to the loss of forests in mountain Lawu. Other impacts on the region of wonogiri karang anyar eastern part such as a foggy atmosphere. This may be due to smoke from fires Lawu mountain.
Suppression efforts carried out by forestry and local residents. The main constraint is the shortage of personnel and fire-fighting equipment such as Chainshaw, shovel and others.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Amethys Rock

Gemstone   :  Amethys
Price            : Not for sale
Height          : 40 Cm
width            : 20 Cm
Owner          : ? Private Collection by Esa Genangku Dept Store
Place            :  Mayestik Departmen Store Jakarta Selatan Indonesia

Friday, October 23, 2015

lima@ Jewelry

Gemstone    :  Amber Stone
Price             :  ?
Designer      :   ?
Made in        : Solo Indonesia
Metal            :  Silver, Gold Plated
Place            : Mayestik Mall 1th Floor Jakarta
Marketing    : Anita 0812-9143-678

Lima@ Jewelry

Place      : Mayestik Department Store 1th floor Jakarta Selatan Indonesia            
Price       : ?
Metal      : Silver, Gold plated
Designer : ?
Made in   : Solo Central Java Indonesia
Marketing : Anita
Contact     : 0812-9143-678

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Proudly present  from Bandung

Breaking News

Sarinah building M.H. Thamrin street no 11 on fire.  Until now there is no data on the cause of fire, how many victim and the amount of losses occurrence of fires.

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