Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Technology From Japan

Tokyo Japan.
FOVE  collaboration with the School Education for Children with Special Needs in University of Tsukuba for making the headset to Play Piano with Eye. With this headset, the user can compose music just by moving eyes. One user is a student who with special needs, Kota Numajiri. The Student, Kota using the headset while appearing in Christmas concert at school. He glance his  eyes and nodded his head while "playing" the piano. Kota appearance makes the audience amazed ,Kota spent four years studying This tool. "The idea of ​​expressing and do something with the human eye is not only true in the game piano. We believe that this technology can opens up many new opportunities for all man, "said CEO FOVE Yuka Kojima. FOVE now trying to collect more than 8,450 pounds sterling in order hardware distributed to the 135 school for children who have physical problems throughout Japan.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Award for Susi Pujiastuti And Puan Maharani


The Minister of coordinating Human Development and Culture Puan Maharani and the Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pujiastuti got award from Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI). Puan
awarded as The first woman minister of coordinating in
Indonesia and the youngest Minister Coordinating (41 years) in Indonesia
While Susi awarded as the first woman to be Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.
"This is the reason (Puan) is the first woman which became coordinating minister and She is The youngest coordinating minister in history. And this (Susi) The first female minister for maritime and fisheries, "said Founder of Muri, Jaya Soeprana in the Hall of Jaya Soeprana School of Performing Arts, Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday (27/01/2015) night. Puan said the awards are
obtaining dedicated to Indonesian women. This award, said  Puan, should be a challenge for women Indonesia to be able to perform more for the advancement of the Indonesian nation forward.
"It does not make us boast self, but this is challenge for Indonesian women to build a nation in the future, "said Puan. Meanwhile, Susie said She was surprised when know will gain an appreciation of Muri. She was not appropriate to obtaining the award. "It's incredible. It seem I do not deserve (The Awarded)  Mr. Jaya is the most able to appreciate all the people, "said Susie. The awarding of the Puan and Susi as part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Muri. In addition, the event also at the same inauguration of Muri gallery located in the LG Floor Mall of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. Gallery It was inaugurated by Puan Maharani. Besides Puan and Susi, there were also the Chairman of the Commission Election Husni Kamil Manik were also awarded as organizer Election of Members of House of Representatives, and the President by Most voters. In total there are as many as 12 bestowal charter granted Muri in the event.

Source :
Writer by Fathur Rochman

Requested From Jokowi To Resign, Budi Gunawan Refused

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta 
President Joko Widodo had filed request to Indonesia Chief Police Candidate, General Budi Gunawan, for withdrew from the nomination. According to Tempo source, the request was submitted from Jokowi to Budi Gunawan after the House of Representatives People approved the nomination Budi, although the Commission Corruption Eradication set General Budi Gunawan as suspects. "But General Budi insisted refused," said the politician are very closed with Jokowi told Tempo last week. Jokowi ask retreat when calling the Deputy Chief of Police Komjen Badrodin Haiti and Budi on the approval Budi parliamentary candidacy. Problem is, Badrodin said he did not heard any request from Jokowi. (Since Budi Gunawan suspect, the Commission Corupttion Eradication had Attacked 7 times) Jokowi certainly reject induct General Budi Gunawan, because the Ex former aide of  Ex President Megawati Sukarnoputri He has become suspects.

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The New Rules From Indonesia Minister of Maritime And Fisheries

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta 
The Indonesia Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti will issue regulations prohibit fishing in zones 0-4 miles from coast. Susi has reason to impose these rules, despite receiving many complaints. "This zone can be a breeding place," said Susi in office, Tuesday, January 27th, 2015. After enacting Regulation No. 1 2015 which prohibits the export of seed lobsters, fish grouper, and crab, Susi said it would bred seed in the zone. When seeds it develops with a weight of 200-300 grams per head, can only be traded. She also intends to make 0-4 miles of the coastal zone for marine tourism and fishing. Susi says islands in Indonesia has the potential to tourism. "More beautiful than Maldives," said Susie.  To keep this tourism potential, Susi prohibit ships fishing weighing hundreds of gross tonnage (GT) to operate. Therefore, the fishing gear used These ships are often dangerous marine biota, such as trawling, even explosives. "But for regular fishing rod (rod back and forth ) is still allowed,Susi said.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Inventor of Innovation Electrical Generator

MALANG, - Slamet Haryanto (51) only a primary school in the country Lumajang, East Java, but he can managed to create a generator without fuel that he gave named "Electric power Vacuous energy".  Villagers Ngroto, Pujon, Malang, East Java,  living with his wife and her three children in a rented house simple.  His work (generator PLTH) was placed in the room measuring 18 meters, which made of bamboo in next to a rented house in Abdul Manan Wijaya Street, Ngroto village.  When found Him at rented house, Wednesday (07/25/2012), Slamet daily work as repairmen
dynamo said, the idea came to
1997, when a friend of the village next door ask make power substitute kerosene.  "Besides, I figure out how to electricity not continue to be extinguished. During use of electricity frequent outages. Who knew there was a way other. There is a power plant that is not often outages, "said Slamet.
Initially, Slamet want to make a windmill, but canceled because of Constructing windmill is very expensive. After continuously striving to prove his goal in 2008, a new created the first prototype form generator. The tools needed to make generators purchased from Surabaya. "If there is a tool which can be purchased in Malang, I bought in Malang. Tools that do not exist (in Malang) I bought in Surabaya, "he said.  The tool works utilizing carbon
solid, which was taken from the burning shell coconut, plus 100 of the elements and capacitors.  "Because it takes a lot of carbon, I  buy carbon from coconut farmers in Tulungagung area, "he said.
Carbon is, obviously installed at The glass panel said The  husband of Sri. Each of the panels needed about 3 kilograms of carbon. "In the generator rely on alternating current, from panel-transformer-battery-capacitor engine-driver. Of capacitors some will be power and partly to the panel, "he explained.
Voltage obtained from the prototype 380 volts and a maximum capacity of 13 kilowatts.  After that, Slamet develop other types the voltage of 220 volts with a maximum power 6,000 watts, which is suitable for home electricity.
Type the two panes of glass, which
each containing 3 kilograms of solid carbon.  The panel serves to save power
1,500 to 2,000 watts per panel.
"For larger type, 380 volts, maximum
48 kilowatts. that was to be used for
industry. However, it takes six panel, "he says.  Generator created Slamet it could work for 24 hours. However, there are tools that condition  continue to require electricity. Must not die. "To turn only need fished  with battery, "he said.
When asked how his work has been
issued and used by many people,
Slamet claimed approximately 50. "Most buyers citizens of Borneo, as used in villages that are not accessible by PLN (National Electric Company), "he said. However, up to now have not yet determined Slamet suitable name for his creation engine The. "For a while I gave the name Electric power energy Vacuum (PLTH), " he said, laughing because they can not explain in detail why it is named
PLTH.  When asked how much money is spent for PLTH capacity of 1 kilowatt, Slamet said just spent 3-4 million Rupiah . While the capacity of 13 kilowatt require less capital over 45 million Rupiah Ind and he sold Rp 55 million.  In his work, Slamet assisted
by His son named David Isnupratama. From the result of her marriage together Sri, Slamet already has three children, namely Ika Haryeni, David Isnupratama, and Hendra Priapratama, who is still sitting on the bench Junior high school in Pujon. "Hopefully what I created with this for the people of Indonesia who have not been able to electricity, especially for people who living in remote areas have no electricity net "said Slamet. In addition to making the generator, Slamet also often asked to help her sell rice wrap in Songgorit region. Understandably, because
his wife opened the rice shop in front of the house rented. "Often I was told to sell rice wrapped in Songgoriti region. Moreover, it also maintenance villa in the region. After work "said Sri, Slamet wife.
Slamet Haryanto, The inventor of 'Electric Power Vacuum Energy (PLTH)'

Written by Contributor Malang, Yatimul Ainun
Editor : dumasart

Thursday, January 22, 2015

King Willem-Alexander Personally Contacting Mr. Joko Widodo.

Indonesia executes six prisoners for drug offences Four men from Brazil, Malawi, the Netherlands and Nigeria, were also shot dead in pairs at the
same time on Saturday on the Nusakambangan island penal colony.
Andriani was also executed there, but Tran was executed in Boyolali, according to Attorney General Office's spokesman Tony Spontana.
President Joko Widodo rejected the condemned convicts' requests for clemency last month.
He also refused a last-minute appeal by Brazilian
President Dilma Rousseff and the Dutch government to spare their countrymen - Brazilian Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira, 53, and Ang Kiem Soe, 52, who was born in Papua but whose nationality is Dutch.
Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said late on Saturday he had temporarily recalled the
country's ambassador to Indonesia and summoned Indonesia's representative in The Hague to protest Ang's execution.
He said the 'cruel and inhumane punishment' was carried out despite King Willem-Alexander and
Prime Minister Mark Rutte personally contacting Mr Widodo.
'My heart goes out to their [the victims'] families, for whom this marks a dramatic end to years of
uncertainty,' Koenders said. 'The Netherlands remains opposed to the death penalty.' A spokesman for President Roussef said she was
'distressed and outraged' after Indonesia ignored her last-ditch pleas.
'Using the death penalty, which is increasingly rejected by the international community, seriously
affects relations between our countries,' the spokesman said.
The Brazilian ambassador to Jakarta was being recalled for consultations, the spokesman added.

Amnesty International said the executions, the
first under the new president who took office in
November, were 'a retrograde step' for human
But Indonesia's attorney general, Muhammad
Prasetyo, has said there is no excuse for drug
dealers and 'hopefully, this will have a deterrent effect.'
“What we do is merely aimed at protecting our nation from the danger of drugs”
Muhammad Prasetyo, attorney general Mr Prasetyo said the new government had a firm commitment to fight against drugs. President
Widodo, who has personally taken a particularly hard line towards drug use, has said he would not grant clemency to 64 drug convicts on death row.  'What we do is merely aimed at protecting our
nation from the danger of drugs,' Prasetyo said on Thursday.
He said figures from the National Anti-Narcotic Agency showed 40 to 50 people die each day
from drugs in Indonesia.
He said that drug trafficking rings have spread to many places, including remote villages where
most victims are youngsters of productive age.
Indonesia has become the largest drug market in Southeast Asia with 45 per cent of the region's
drugs in circulation. A second batch of executions would be held later
this year and also target drug smugglers, he warned.
Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago of 250million people, has extremely strict drug laws and often
executes smugglers. More than 138 people are on death row, mostly for drug crimes. About a third
of them are foreigners.
Rupert Abbott, Amnesty International's research
director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, called for Indonesia to rethink its position on the death
penalty. Indonesia resumed executions in 2013 after a five-year gap. 'Indonesia's new government took office on the back of promises to improve respect for human
rights, but carrying out these executions would be a regressive move,' he said.
'Rather than putting to death more people, the government should immediately impose a moratorium on the use of the death penalty with
a view to its eventual abolition'
Amnesty noted that drug-related offences do not meet the threshold of the 'most serious crimes'
for which the death penalty can be imposed under international law.
While no executions were carried out in Indonesia in 2014, the government has announced that 20
are scheduled for this year, the campaign group said.
Mr Abbott said: 'It would be a huge set back if the government goes ahead with its plans to
execute as many as 20 people during the year. Tackling rising crime rates is a legitimate goal of
President Widodo's administration, but the death penalty is not the answer and does not work as a
deterrent to crime. 'The plans for a new spate of executions come at
a time when the government is actively seeking to protect Indonesian nationals who face the death penalty overseas.
'If the death penalty is wrong elsewhere, it is surely wrong in Indonesia too.'
Brazilian Moreira was arrested in 2003, after police at Jakarta airport found 13.4 kilograms
(29.5 pounds) of cocaine hidden in his hang glider. A second Brazilian national, Rodrigo
Muxfeldt Gularte, remains on death row in Indonesia, also convicted of drug trafficking.
Ang was arrested near Jakarta in 2003, after police found equipment which they estimated had
been producing 15,000 ecstasy pills a day for three years. Police confiscated 8,000 pills and
thousands of dollars.
Tran was arrested at Adi Sumarmo International Airport after she was caught trying to carry 1.1kg
of methamphetamine into Indonesia. She claimed
she was duped into carrying the suitcase by a drugs gang, but she was nonetheless sentenced
to death.
Adriani was condemned to death after she was found guilty of being involved in a gang trying to smuggle 3.5kg of heroin. Her sister, Meirika Franola, was granted clemency by a previous president. The others who were executed were Namaona Denis, 48, from Malawi; and Daniel Enemuo, 38, from Nigeria.

Source Daily Mail.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The History Of Batik Made

The history of batik technique.

Art of coloring cloth barrier staining technique using 'Malam' is one of the ancient art form. The discovery in ancient Egypt shows that this technique has been known since the 4th century BC, with the discovery of the mummy wrapping cloth which is coated 'malam' to form a pattern. In Asia, a similar technique of batik is also applied in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) as well as in India and Japan during the Nara Period (645-794). In Africa, such as batik technique known by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, Soninke and Wolof as well as the tribe in Senegal. In Indonesia, batik is believed to have existed since the time of Majapahit, and became very popular late eighteenth century or early nineteenth century. Produced batik batik is all up to the early twentieth century and new batik known after World War I or around the 1920s.

Although the word "batik" is derived from the Java language, The presence of batik in Java itself is not recorded. G.P. Rouffaer found batik technique is likely to be introduced from India or Sri Lanka in the 6th century or the 7th. On the other hand, J.L.A. Brandes (Dutch archaeologist) and F.A. Sutjipto (historian Indonesia) believed that the tradition of batik is a native of the area such as Toraja, Flores, Halmahera, and Papua. It should be noted that the region is not an area that is influenced by Hinduism, but is known to have an ancient tradition of making batik.

G.P. Rouffaer also reported that gringsing pattern has been known since the 12th century in Kediri, East Java. He concluded that this pattern could only be formed by using canting, so he found canting found in Java at the time about it. Detailed carvings resemble the pattern of batik cloth worn by Prajnaparamita, the statue of the Buddhist goddess of wisdom from the East Java 13th century. Detailed apparel featuring patterns vines and flowers complex similar to traditional Javanese batik pattern that can be found today. This suggests that create intricate batik pattern that can only be made by canting has been known in Java since the 13th century or even earlier.

Legend in Malay literature of the 17th century, Sulalatus Salatin tells Admiral Hang Nadim ordered by Sultan Mahmud to sail to India to get 140 pieces of cloths with 40 types of flower pattern. Being unable to fulfill the order, he makes his own creation cloths.  But unfortunately shipwrecked on the way home and only capable of carrying four pieces that make the emperor disappointed. By some commentators, the cloths was interpreted as batik.

In European literature, batik technique was first described in the book History of Java (London, 1817) writings By Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. He was The British Governor in Java during Napoleon occupied the Netherlands. In 1873 a Dutch merchant Van Rijekevorsel give a piece of batik is obtained during a visit to Indonesia to Ethnic Museum in Rotterdam and in the early 19th century that batik began to reach its golden period. When exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900, Indonesian batik very interested and amaze the public and artists.

Since industrialization and globalization, which introduces automation techniques, new types appear batik, known as batik and batik prints, while traditional batik produced by the technique of handwriting using canting and 'malam' then called batik. At the same time immigrants from Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Batik also bring with them.

Modern Batik Handwriting

Friday, January 9, 2015

UE Mourns

EU Flag flown at half-mast at the organization's headquarters
in Brussels, Belgium, Thursday (08/01/2015), to honor the 12 victims killed in the attack to French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.  Members and staff of the European Parliament assembled outside the European Parliament building in Brussels to show their solidarity towards French President Francois Hollande.
Separately, the EU commissioner
pray together for one minute with  Latvian government at meeting in the Riga City which marks the period of six months  Latvia in the EU leadership.  The European Commission, the executive arm of the organization  consisting of 28 countries, said, all  activity in the European Union headquarters in Brussels will also be stopped right at noon as a sign of respect for the victims. European Council President Donald Tusk said,
he asked his staff to hold a silent
a minute's silence. Meanwhile, the flag European Union is blue with yellow stars flown at half-mast on all buildings belonging European Union.

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Attacked Of Magazine Charlie Hebdo

 Thousands of people praying forgive tribute to moslem police officer who was shot dead while shooting attack the editorial office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Ahmed Merabet considered a hero verily in these events.  Respect for Ahmed because he unexpected shot by fanatical Islamic groups.  Respect for the same Ahmed with demonstrations against the attack on the office editor of the satirical magazine.  Colleague Ahmed said, his friends shocked extreme watching video shoot Charlie Hebdo because in that movie Ahmed shot in the street by gunshot to the head.Today, the hash mark #JesuisAhmed start trending topic on twitter. Thousands of people expressing admiration for Ahmed who gave up his soul to defend freedom of expression.Ahmed came from Livry-Gargan, in the region the north of Paris. He is a police officer trained for eight years.Police corps where Ahmed worked release statement that they were shocked to see Ahmed was shot and died. He is known as a person who Quiety and conscientious. "We are very shocked. Police are very affected by viewing the video shooting Ahmed with whom they work, "said Rocco Contento, representatives of the police union. Magazine in France promised to lift edition of his rejection of the massacre in Charlie Hebdo. Even the story of Ahmed also be lifted. "Ahmed Merabet death for protecting those innocent people of hatred. I am amazed and respect for him, "said a French citizens who are grieving.

Ahmed Merabet

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Indonesian military action, Operation hostage release Ied by Prabowo Subiyanto in Papua 1996

History hostage release led by Prabowo Subiyanto Nederlands TVN version

In 1996 Mark van der Wal with his pregnant wife Martha Klein were joined by a team of scientific researchers from the UK to examine the nature of the mountains Lorenz. Both Dutch citizen who has just joined the team of British researchers suddenly heard a noise in the vicinity and in the short time they have been surrounded by dozens or hundreds of people who grasp the weapon and wearing traditional clothes of Papua. The ambush was screaming with Papuan languages then brandishing a weapon and threatening. At that time the situation is very tense and scary Martha Klein said. After the communication and knowing that the ambush was OPM, they realize have become hostages and must follow the will of the OPM walk in forestry wilderness to avoid tracking will be done by the Indonesian military. Way of peace remains taken by the Government of Indonesia to send negotiators to OPM until one day by a hostage said that OPM violated They own agreement. This makes the Indonesian government to take action to release the hostages were on the verge of death if the demands are prompted by OPM are not adhered to the Government of Indonesia. Most touching dramatic story that ended with the successful operation to free the hostages who were led by Prabowo Subiyanto.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Boy With Divine Powers

The Boy without eat and drink in ten months and He still a life, this extreme phenomena video share from Discovery Channel Youtube.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

What we have done in the past year? .. Why do we do it? .. And for what? .. What we have done is useful to ourselves and to others? .. Are we with pride have produced something that was not useful ? .. What to do that we will receive love, pleasure, happiness, prosperity, honor and glory? with this name, what have we done to previous disclosures? .. Are sure we will get it? .. It turned out that all that can not be obtained with dreaming, .. turns out must be with action, continuous,...with patience, so that occurs .... the case with many benefits for us and regret to us that we have done in 2014? .. And what happiness we have get in 2014? .. if history does not record to yourself because you're nothing, then write down and write your history itself in the diary. Of course they can with beautiful sentences as you please and suppose you a hero, in your fantasy, in your writing, in your sentence, in fulfill your dreams. Once completed into a book journal or diary and keep it in a stainless steel box, then dig a hole in your house and enter it into the soil your precious book and close the holes in the ground, a thousand years from now, it will be the diary material culture research and archeology research which will be done by intelligent creatures or aliens someday .. time for that will come ... and your name will be recorded in their history ... trust me. Welcome to 2015! .. Goodbye 2014! ..  say Happy new Year 2015, God
Bless You All

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tokek = Geckoo - by David Sucianto
In Indonesian name is Tokek in
English known as Tokay Gecko
or tucktoo. Peoples in Indonesia believed it can cure itchy skin disease.  Didi (48) explains that he has been cured of hives because of  eating meat gecko.
"Long time ago I had experienced itching on my skin. My friend recommends I must eat meat of gecko, I retrace
advice. I eat grilled meat of gecko.
After a few meals, My skin look better from the itch, "
Didi said when met him in His residence in Pancoran Mas, Depok, West Java on Friday (25/9).
Before felt the efficacy of gecko meat, Didi said he often heard about the efficacy of  gecko for human health. However, because of the shape and pattern are disgusting,
Didi claimed did not want to try it. "But I finally tried. Maybe get rid from the itch, next day my skin is well, "he said.
The same thing happened with Suryadi Cahyono Asmoro
(37). Man from Cipedak, Ciganjur, Jakarta had stress for months because of his daughter, two years old suffer from itching in the face. "My daughter face
be ugly, "he said.
He brought his daughter to the doctor a few times and was given medication, but to no avail. "Doctor explain  due to allergies, but it is not clear, "he said.
Each time the treated cured. But after drug exhausted, itching was relapse and make her face is not pretty.
Finally he tried to buy meat of
gecko. "Luckily, my daughter wanted. Several times to try, "he said. Then trying gecko fuel. As a result, the face of the child until
now (already a year) is clean and
looks beautiful.
In addition to meat, blood and bile geckos believed could also be a drug. However, a special blood and
bile, whether Suryadi or Didi had never to try it. "What I heard like it (blood and bile geckos can be a drug). But I dont know what drugs do. "he said. Geckos are animals that eat various insects, other smaller lizards, and rodents
small. Like the other lizard, gecko active hunting mainly at night. However, be careful if you want to catch it. Because, gecko often bite.
When held, the gecko will open
mouth, ready to bite her captors.
The bite is very strong, jaw muscles
if locked, so there is a byword that
geckos bite can not be separated unless there was a sound of thunder. Assumption that has not been
unsubstantiated, and the fact that it
geckos bite really difficult to be released.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Peaceful day with a beautiful togetherness, when filled with prayer in all corners of the world, they say peace, they say hope, And say hello, peace and love, today we are at once in all corners of the world to say blessing you blessing day to those who celebrate it, with words loving and love, which is heard by the wind and snow, the words are heard by the stars, that they were sincere prayers ascend to heaven, which is heard by the angels, the blessed and the greeting of peace and blessed day, of all direction of the world a wonderful greeting and kindness over the cliff, through valleys, rivers, mountains, and up to the stars, because they are billions of people simultaneously uttered the phrase goodness in tranquility, thus making billions of people pray and pray with words love and billions of people into feeling comfortable, at ease, peace in the protection with the natural love from Who The created of universe. Say :
To all who Celebrated,  Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Joe Hart signed contract for Manchester City

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta.
Joe Hart brazing loyalty for Manchester City until the next five years.
England national team goalkeeper has signed a contract extension until the end 2018-19 season.
Hart, 27, joined the other players
namely Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, Aleksandar Kolarov,Samir Nasri and David Silva who signed The new contract for The Citizen on this year. "I Am very happy. I've been here in time old now and I want longer here "said Hart through the City's official website on Saturday 20 December 2014.  He stated already loves the club since the beginning joined in 2006. At that time he was transferred from club Shrewsbury Town. The value of contract latest  120 thousand pounds. "I thrive in this club and been really lucky to be a part of them, "he said.
He expressed readiness to provide the best ability to guard the goal of The Citizen and contributed to the team's victory. He hoped many colleagues who have also signed long-term deal could develop the club further.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Homeless man gives his last money to help student when lost her debit card

DECEMBER 18, 2014
This is how Domonique Harrison-Bentzen raise funds to help Robbie,
a homeless person who ever helped her.
Kindness can come from sources that do not unexpected, for example from a homeless person, as the experiences of a student, Dominique Harrison-Bentzen (22).
The extraordinary story that begins when a girl studying at the University of Central Lanchasire
in the city of Preston, England, it will return to residence on a night on the 4th Last December.
When going home then, Dominique new realized her debit card is lost
so that she could not take the money at the time She did not have any cash at all.
"I just realized I do not have the money and the time That homeless man came up to me and offers three pounds of money that he
has, "Said Dominique.
"He forced me to take the money order I can take a taxi and survived until at home, "She added.
Dominique did not receive the money homeless man who claims to offer named was Robbie. However, the queen finalists
Preston city beautification was determined will help Robbie to start again his life.

"I upload status via Facebook account about my experience. A day
later, I reunited with him and
it turns out he has a lot to help people, "said Dominique.
Robbie was a lot of help citizens
Preston who have difficulty, for example, the wallet fell and give back to the owner or offering his scarf for someone who cold.
Now Dominique will be spent
24 hours with Robbie to raise funds
which will be donated to the man
in order to regain a decent life.
"He had been homeless for seven
month and it was not his fault. Now he is hard looking for a job for not having a fixed address, "
Dominique said.
Dominique even spent four days
around town looking for Robbie and
lost hope to be reunited
with the man. "Luckily I have
mothers car which helps process
This quest, "She added.
Then, how Dominique will help
"If people could give me three
pounds, the same as offered
Robbie told me, then I hope to
raise enough money so that he could rent flats so he can live comfortably, "said Dominique.
The intention was upload into her facebook account with the headline "Help Robbie, Preston's Homeless Hero "and turns response obtained very remarkable. So far already more than 2,000 people supporting the intention Dominique's and the funds collected so far has reached 13 954 pounds (287 million Indonesian rupiah).
"I hope my efforts will be made
many people think a little about the people in around them. The days before Christmas is a good time to think about others, "said Dominique.
"If people see what I'm doing
I probably they will have time to
stop and talk to the homeless
just to hear their stories, "said Dominique.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Victim Judgment of death penalty are declared Not Guilty 70 Years After Executed.


George Stinney Jr. was 14 years old when he was sentenced the death penalty because it was proven
killed two girls aged 7 and 11 years old.
However, 70 years after the execution, and youngest person executed in 20th Century in US, finally proved that George not guilty.
The court's decision in South Carolina finally declared that George Stinney Jr. Not guilty are welcomed to the family and the civil rights activists who fighting in few years.
Indeed, this recognition came too late. If This recognition occurred 70 years ago, George robably still alive and 84 years old in 2014.
When executed in 1944, the body of George still little boy so he must to sit on stacks of phone books in order to undergo sentenced to the electric chair.
George lived with his family in the city Alcolu, South Carolina, when he was accused of kill Betty June Binnicker (11) and Mary Emma Thames (7) on March 23, 1944.
Two little girl was lost while being
cycling together and their bodies found a day later. Both were killed beaten by using railroad spikes.
Some of witnesses when it claims to see George was picking flowers with both the girl's before they were found dead.
George later arrested and examined. After separated from his parents, George acknowledge the crimes alleged.

When the court trial, all Jury are white's man and only takes less than 10 minutes to declare that little boy guilty the murder of two little girls.The murder court trial lasted less than one day. When George refused to appeal. On Wednesday (12/17/2014), the Judge Carmen Mullins decision said, the system
court then treat George
with unfair because it does not provide advocate for George.
Judge Carmen also underscores the recognition George told police that seems to result coercion and no strong physical evidence for
George associate with the death of two little girls.
Moreover, brother George then
testified that he and George along
day at the same time as the two
daughter was missing and then
found dead.
"From time to time, we are asked to
re-evaluate our history and
corrected to no justice if we are able
to do that, "said the judge Carmen.
"I can not think of an injustice
other than violation of the rights of
constitutional someone who has proven in this case, "said the judge Carmen.
Judge Carmen also mention executing a 14-year-old boy as a
cruel and unusual actions.
"They took my brother and since then I never saw my mother laugh again, "said other sisters of
George, Amie Ruffner (78).

Photo by Reuter/Mirror

Friday, December 12, 2014

Blogging Via Android

Currently it is easy for bloggers to post articles and photos via Android smartphones as if the blogger's doing activities journey, Android smartphone has been providing applications that can be downloaded for free to conduct post articles and photo documentation to your website. How to do post articles and photos via Android smartphones?.. Just try this easy step :

1. Install the Google Play Store. (If already available you do not need to perform the installation).

2. After the Google Play Store has been available, type 'blogger' (without comma) applications on top of an empty column.

3. Type the gmail address or your google account.

4. In the touch screen feature will arise icon letter B with a background color orange.

5. Click the icon bloggers to login, after open then you can type articles, posting photos on the features that have been provided.

6. Click the arrow on the right top for publication.

7. Yesss!.. I reading your post! are genius and thank you very much. Congratulations!

Javanese Mask

I asked the owner of coffee shop the mask hanging on the wall. The stall owner said that the mask was made in artists from the city of Jogjakarta. He forgot how much the price, and indeed when I saw that it was wearing a hat mask decoration typical of Jogjakarta is commonly called 'Blangkon'. A pair of these masks when seen from afar like a pair of male and female faces. Actually, no one can distinguish which women or men face mask when viewed up close except a pair of long earrings are becoming more commonplace accessories masks worn for women.

Ebola in Indonesia

BBC Indonesia

Two Indonesian workers in East Java declared free of Ebola after undergoing laboratory tests, the Ministry of Health.
Head of Research and Development
Health Tjandra Yoga Aditama say
all samples from cases of Madiun and Kediri
showed negative results.
"From reading the results, all reported no
band, meaning that all samples from cases of Madiun and Kediri negative result Ebola, not sick Ebola, "  said Tjandra.
Two labor is ill after returning from
Liberia, one of the affected countries
Ebola worst.
The results of the examination, according to Tjandra, according
the patient's symptoms are quite
different from the symptoms of Ebola disease.
The airport has begun to do
examination of body temperature to avoid
Ebola infection.
Unknown, as many as 28 Indonesian Workers return home
their pages on Oct. 26 after
work in Liberia.
Indonesia had previously been doing
strict supervision in a number of airports
including Soekarno-Hatta Airtport to
anticipate the spread of the Ebola virus.
Worldwide, the number of cases of Ebola reach
more than 10,000 cases, with 4922 deaths,
according to the World Health Organization, WHO.
Only 27 cases that occurred outside the country The most severely affected, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Environmental Heroes Awarded

BBC Indonesia reported,

Every weekend dozens of people going to several clinics in the city of Malang to bring garbage which include plastic bottles, cardboard
and paper.
The rubbish that can be recycled - which they collect from their own homes and surrounding environment, they take it then
exchanged with a health care card through program Clinical Waste Insurance, this idea advocated by dr. Gamal Albinsaid.
There is five clinics that are currently implementing a system
garbage exchange with health care insurance card.
"Residents handed enough garbage to Clinical Waste and their insurers could get a variety of health care facilities primary, "said Gamal.
Residents in Sukun village, Malang, queued provide bins for treatment.
"Garbage that they bring in the form of dry waste that can be recycled they give to us and we give the price of Rp 10,000, IDR per garbage "said Gamal.
With this garbage, we provide services health such as health checks include blood tests, check blood glucose and medicine, said the 24-year-old doctor.
Activities through the organization of this Indonesia Medika
began to be formed in 2010 but was
stalled after running six months.
Since March 2013, the Clinic's Trash Insurance
start enabled again preferred to families who can not afford health care costs.

So far, members of the clinic with premium trash
has reached more than 500 people in five clinics
and increased by about 50 people per week,
Gamal said.
"We continue to socializing among others hold free treatment and various counseling. "
Residents who bring trash to get
Insurance Trash card.
After The death of Khaerunissah, daughter of garbage collector in the past eight years due to diare  because his father cannot pay for medical expenses.
"It is very sad and is
blow to the world's health, "said Gamal.
"Therefore, we established a clinic with This insurance garbage system. We invite villagers, community members, organizations and society housewife
to develop Clinical Waste Insurance
to help the community, "said Gamal.

"They not only treatment but also
get counseling to prevent
disease and rehabilitation for those who recovering from illness, " Gamal said.
But in an effort to develop clinical
with this garbage premium, quite often also
Gamal and friends got a request
so that the funds are given only 10,000 in the form of
cash and not through the trash.
"The concept of environmental education who also want
we grow, with hygiene
environment and utilize resources
wasted. "
For the citizens of the city of Malang who has become
Trash Clinic members of this insurance, this concept
not only helped financially but
also the cleanliness of the environment.
After getting insurance card Waste, people can checking blood test.
"We are also able to feel the positive influence related to cleaning the house and the environment, "said
Yuli Kurniawati, lives in Sukun Village Malang.
Indonesia Medika plan to implement
payment system with this garbage to another clinic, not only in the city of Malang but also another City in Indonesia.
Treatment with trash through the insurance system will be used as a model to be applied in other cities in the world, said Dr. Gamal Albinsaid who won the award in England.
Gamal is one of seven finalists
in the first race for the youth category Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Award organized by Unilever cooperate with the University of Cambridge.
Gamal won an award from Prince Charles on Friday morning (31/01/2014) at the banquet in Buckingham Palace.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Illegal Fishing in Indonesia


Chairman kelompok tani
Nelayan Andalan (KTNA) Winarno Tohir said action to sink the ship from outside the country who have been stealing the fish was not good for international relations. (Read: Navy: Ships Not ship wrecks sunk)
Moreover, he said, the majority of foreign fishing vessels from countries bordering our country. "If I propose ship confiscated by the state. Confiscation of proceeds could be auction for fisherman",
He said to Tempo, Sunday December 7, 2014.
Nevertheless, Winarno said, there's nothing wrong with these actions. Because that have been protected by law.
Therefore, Winarno, who claimed to have understood the characteristics of fisherman in ASEAN, suggesting that No more foreign ships sunk fish thieves.
"In relations with other countries bordering our country, it is too cruel". He said
Meanwhile, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Susi
Pudjiastuti said it would return drowned illegal foreign ships that have been proven stolen fish in Indonesian Ocean next week in Batam island. The ships weight more 30 Gross Tonnes (GT) will be sunk. "I'll come to see drowned",  She said on Friday, 5 December 2014.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Nano Technology


Indonesia development of nano technology was done since about 2000. Over 10 Last year appeared various applications.
Innovation has been growing field of nanotechnology The new venture instrumentation capable penetrate the world market.
Nanotechnology or substances engineering technology
scale of nanometers, or billionths of a meter past
development has not quite long.
The concept was first introduced in the late 1959 by Richard Feynman, physicist from America who later won the Nobel Prize in Physics
However, nanotechnology was already investigated first by Professor Norio Taniguchi of Tokyo Science University. In 1940, he began studied the mechanism of nano material Quarts crystal, silicon, and ceramic alumina by using an ultrasonic machine.
Miniaturization of material until the molecular order conducted, among others, fueled by demand size reduction of electronic devices and
computer. With the presence of the nano particles, integrated circuit or IC measuring 1 centimeter
square, for example, can be loaded with billions of transistors
so that the circuit capacity
terabyte, no longer gigabytes.
Potential application of nanotechnology in fact greater, not merely to make nano material for microelectronic devices, but
also for other industries. Application of nano materials not only on the technical stuff, but also in food products, pharmaceuticals, and
The application of nanotechnology in various fields
will change the life of modern society.
By creating nanometer-scale particles, then getting inside  between particles micron-sized, will produce the type of material
super new character, such as the level of violence, delivery of electrical, and magnetic properties.
With the advantages that will be produced products
quality, which is not easy to wear, saving energy
because the heat-resistant, and does not require
cooling. Thus, it will save
operational and maintenance costs as well as friendly
Titan combines nanoscale materials Nitrile on
will produce a ceramic composite material
new diamond hardness exceeded. If
nano materials used in paint, will have an effect
anti scratch, waterproof, and reflect the heat.
The particle nano paint will make  home or vehicle remains cool even though exposed the sun.
Innovation in Indonesia In creating innovation in the field of
nanotechnology, researchers Indonesia no less with foreign researchers. Some works of innovation nano technologies in Indonesia exhibited in R & D Ritech Expo 2010. The exhibition, which ends Sunday (22/8) was showing around 28 products
nano technology innovation work of the nation.
Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi
(BPPT), for example, featuring plastic packaging
and components of the solid electrolyte in fuel cells
nano composite material made of polymer.
The packaging materials are waterproof and air,
while the heat and electrolyte delivery electricity much better.
Meanwhile, researchers at the Center for Materials and
Technical Ministry of Industry (B4T
Kemperin) managed to make paint from precipitated
calcium carbonate (PCC) nanoscale.
PCC makes use of paint under construction
sea ​​scratch resistance, salt fog resistant, and very
While nanosilica made Nurul Taufiqu
Rochman of Applied Physics Research Center
Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI),
when blended cement can produce concrete the magnitude of twice the strength of ordinary concrete.
Nano material applications also performed Andrea Marisi Dame Siahaan of B4T Kemperin. He
make spreader layer (diffuser) to light LED light alloy nano compound BCNO (Boron Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen). By coating This nano, level LED lighting power 6 watts can equal 60 watt incandescent bulb.
Nano magnet also being designed for the system micro hydro power plant capacity 5 kilowatts. Head of Central Metal and Engineering (BBLM) Kemperin Muhammad Word
estimates, in two years, nano magnet
can already be applied to the system. Nano magnet will reduce half the diameter turbines, but the same capacity.
Meanwhile, nano material has been successfully infiltrated the commercial product produced by the national industry, among others, in
crystal display TV, sensors, textiles, cosmetics, drugs, and food. In cosmetics, there are moisturizers
nano cell made. This nano element can close better wrinkles and brighten the face. Grinding machine
To produce all materials and
nanoscale components, the key is
the material grinding machine. Maker nano particles, among others, made researchers in BBLM
Kemperin and Applied Physics Research Center
Nano materials making machine works Nurul Taufiqu
Rochman of LIPI then push
establishment of PT Nano tech Indonesia to producing works of this innovation. This machine only
draws about 12 percent of the engine kind. Machine called high energy milling (HEM) was booked by University Kebangsaan Malaysia for research purposes and further development.  "With this machine, Indonesia is likely to be nano materials supplier in the global market due mine has abundant raw materials, "
Nurul said who is also Chairman of Society Nano Indonesia. This innovation also provides
great advantage.  Smooth the iron sand into nano particles,
for example, can increase the value added 4,000 times. The high demand for mineral sands
nano-sized iron due to a variety of benefits, ie as high strength concrete, material sensors, membranes, and printer toner.
Less desirable Currently nanotechnology innovation began many used industry in Indonesia. Based Community surveys conducted Nano Indonesia, from 40 industries engaged in textiles, ceramics, electronics, and chemicals, there approximately 38 percent of which have utilized
materials and nano-tech machines. However, unfortunately about 90 percent of the product
import. Minister of Research and Technology Suharna Surapranata
lamented that fact. In fact, researchers Indonesia has produced a variety of works nano technology innovation. To overcome this,
Department research of Technology will increase synergies and intermediation with related parties that occur diffusion of nanotechnology in the industry.

By Yuni Ikawati

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mr.Joko Widodo

Mr.Joko Widodo revealed,
"By becoming president, then I
should ensure that all of your right and the whole
Indonesian people really can
fulfilled. When I became governor
Jakarta, I had walk
hospital to hospital,
to beg, cajole,
convincing, forcing directors and
The hospital owner to accept card users of 'Kartu Jakarta Sehat' that  people of Jakarta can get health care services  with free of charge.
I survey village to villages, to make
public services administration
effective and efficient, no hassle and
detrimental to society. I have to deal with pressure
and anger for the sake of entrepreneurs
raise wages province.
I must be ready to accept
to be degraded and abused by
central government, when what
I do favor of the public
considered not benefit the
boss in the central.
That's all I have to thank, when I
became governor.
One time when I am The President, there will be more and
harder pressure, threats, and
I have to face the challenge.
Even my life whenever and
wherever seemed to be in danger, because they are
has been enjoying the power and
wealth from corruption, obviously will try hard and justifies
how to maintain it all
Yes, this is victory. This is not my victory, but the victory All people of Indonesia.
The victory of the people on my election as a servant and slave
ready to sacrifice anything of myself
to fulfill the rights and interests of
those who have been neglected.
"I repeat, this is not my victory, but the Indonesian people's victory! "

together Jokowi - JK  Great Indonesia.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Batik Bali

Batik Bali as Hindu-Balinese culture does not have limitation on how to draw in creations. Bali has more focus for traditional art sculpture and painting to the art creation. Batik Bali more influenced by Javanese batik. People wear batik Bali for the ceremony as the fashion cloths and a headband (udeng). To make
Batik Bali, with wax or paint, sometimes using with batik tie. Balinese batik cloth is characterized
namely in terms of bright colors and wavy. With the ikat technique,
combined in a soft color gradation
with many motifs. Balinese batik cloth already widely circulated in batik Bali cloths store, for that we do not need looking to Bali to get a Balinese batik cloth.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Two factories luxury cars, BMW, Daimler, and students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), work together to develop, build, and enhance the electric vehicle called Vision M.

As reported, Tuesday (10/28/2014), two-passenger electric car bavarian origin is designed with mild components. Visio M will use innovative components, such as the side windows of plastic, aluminum body panels, and a monocoque made from carbon fiber plastic.

For the mechanical central, electric cars will be armed with a compact engine power 20 horsepower. Combined with lithium-ion batteries are placed in the back seat.

Visio M is able to reach a maximum speed of up to 120 km / h with a distance of up to 160 km.

Interestingly, Visio M is also equipped with safety features that airbags are located in the bumper and on the two sides of the door, aiming to absorb energy and reduce the impact of accidents.

"With Visio M we have shown that in order to build a very lightweight vehicles is something that is very possible, and for a safe car with lower overall costs," said Professor Mark Lienkamp.

For information, to develop electric cars, the German Ministry of Education and Research provides funding this activity around USD 9 million.

4G network

Dr.Khoirul Anwar,
Graduated from ITB (Bandung West Java Indonesia)  in 2010 succeed founder 4G Telecommunications System based OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing).   He got patented with His invention and awarded of the Institute of Electrical and Vehicular Electronics Engineers Technology Confrence (IEEE VTC) Taiwan.
Dr Khoirul Anwar was the son of  Sudjiarto with Siti Patmi.  He was born in Kediri East Java Indonesia, graduated with cum laude in 2000, the best graduate faculty of industrial technology (FTI) and the three best of all graduates ITB 2000.  As a token of appreciation Khoirul  to be a speaker at ITB innagural graduates, October 2000.   After working in IT company in Jakarta for two years,  He continue his education in Japan, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) and holds Master Of Enginer in 2005 and Dr. Of  Enginer in 2008.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


2014 A few months ago at Batik  congress in the city of Yogyakarta there are interesting things to note. Experts said, batik cloths was made of several techniques, batik cloths are made with the print technique was not called batik. The actual batik cloths  that is drawn with scratch techniques, scratches through a kind of pen tool called 'canting'. Canting tool that can be filled with some sort of dye ink with a mixture of liquid wax.  Pure Batik is handmade by Batik maker.  Because of handmade batik pattern that has difficult when made, then the price of  pure batik cloth becomes very expensive.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The inventor from Indonesia

Prof. Rahmania Zein,
Succeed find Chromatography Fastest in the world 1998 in research at the University Gipu, Japan, with less than 10 minutes.   Last time  the technique takes between 10-100 minutes to dissect chemical compounds.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The inventor an amount of human chromosome from Indonesia.

Dr Joe Hin Tjio,
An expert Cytogenetics in 1955 found that chromosome of human totaling 23 chromosome and all geneticist in last time they believed
on human chromosome an amount of 24 chromosome.

Dr.Joe Hin Tjio accepts a trophy from President John F. Kennedy on Dec.6, 1962, honoring him as an international Prize Award winner of the Joseph P.Kennedy,Jr. Foundation.  The gift appreciated invention of Dr Tjio about mental retardation sickness.  In the left behind is The President mother, Rose Kennedy.

Dr. Joe Hio Tjio on 2001.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The innovator of science and technology

Discovery Freezing Technique
Sperm Research by Dr.Mulyoto Pangestu of effort freezing the sperm of animals in a way
simple and inexpensive give him
won the highest award (Gold Award)
Young Inventors Awards competition, which The magazine held Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER) and Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific.

The discovery of Dr. Mulyoto is very useful for scientists and doctors in the country developing the lack of funds to hold the cooling equipment.

Cold storage equipment for storing
organic materials usually require
liquid nitrogen as a cooling agent
(Coolant). In addition to the tanks are expensive and eat place, liquid nitrogen is very dangerous.
You see, in order to remain liquid, this type nitrogen
should be kept below minus 196
degrees Celsius. Dr.Mulyoto Pangestu actually found how to dry and store sperm at room temperature because it use the services of nitrogen gas.This makes Dr.Mulyoto beat hundreds of competitors from various countries in Asia Pacific material
wearing very cheap, only Rp
2500, -. The material used is a two-tier mini plastic tube (0.250 ml size and 0.500 ml) were sealed with heat (heat-sealed), then wrapped again with aluminum foil. Biology doctoral candidate from Monash University is calling process drying sperm discovery as evaporative drying (evaporative drying).
Sperm drying or storage
sperm at room temperature, is already reported since the 1970's. However, these reports are still limited information. Only in July 1998, Wakayama and Yanagimachi of the University of Hawaii publish their findings on the journal Nature Biotechnology, such as birth
child mice fertilized using dried and frozen sperm (freeze-dried sperm).
After looking at several other studies
and the study of literature, finally Dr.Mulyoto and supervisor, Dr. Jillian Shaw, concludes that sperm can be stored in a conditions dry and oxygen-free. Result Dr.Mulyoto invention is packaging storage of dried and frozen sperm does not require special handling and
the results can still be used even after stored for years. Indeed, sperm
animals that have been dried with This Dr Mulyoto method is not able to move again (immotile),
and by examination using
dyes, it is known that sperm
"Dead". In order to fertilize the egg, cell sperm must be injected into the egg. This technique is known as the
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and already widely used in the manufacture of baby human tube.

Dr.Mulyoto  at all not tried out the method for sperm humans because of ethics permit only for animals. Sperm are already drained from mice (mice),marmosets (a type of monkey), and also wombat
(Native to Australia). Dr. Mulyoto invention now is in the process patented in Australia.
Patents of Dr.Mulyoto invention now  belong to Monash University, but he still will listed as the inventor.

Facebook expand investment in Asia Pasific

Asian markets got the attention from Facebook. This biggest social media networking plans to expand the influence of social media in Asia. Facebook recently announced their investment in the Asia Pacific for undersea internet cables along the 6214 miles or 10,000 miles from Malaysia to Japan, with the wires branched into other countries.

Facebook believes that by investing in a cable network that will increase the speed of the internet in the entire Asia-Pacific region, they can take advantage of a growing market. Blog Tech in Asia shows that growing up among users of Japan and Korea. Approximately 17.2 million visit in May came from Japan. However, the BBC notes that Mixi in Japan and Cyworld in South Korea still has the effect of slightly more than Facebook.

Facebook spokesman said on the BBC, "Our investment will help support the growth of Facebook in southern Asia, making it possible for us to provide a better experience for more Facebook users in countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore."  However, he did not say how the value of these investments.

Analyst also believes that this cable can increase the speed of the internet in India and the Philippines, where people quite enamored with Facebook. According to a press release last December, the Asia Pacific Gateway network is scheduled to begin in June 2014 with the ability 54.8-terabit persecond.

Monday, November 17, 2014

BMW Automotive


German automotive industry, BMW interested with the design work of Didiet Hediprasetyo.
The Son of former candidate president of Republic Indonesia Mr.Prabowo Subianto, He was received an employment contract from BMW in 2012 as creative designer for interior and exterior of the car BMW Individual. A special luxury sedan produced only 5 units in the world. Didiet is a graduate of Parsons design school in Paris, France. Although relatively new in the fashion world, his creations have penetrated the international market. Design works surprisingly by following the Paris Fashion Week.

GreenPeace Report

November 15 at 8:25 pm ·

GreenPeace Indonesia.

This is just one of thousands of toxic lakes on The land of Kalimantan coal industry works that are often left alone when there is no more coal can be extracted. Greenpeace will soon launch a report that reveals how coal mining activities are largely unregulated has violated national standards for waste from mining and responsible for the release of toxic pollutants into the river which is the source of water for the community. This is a call for provincial and national governments to stop the coal industry and environmental poison water sources relied upon by the local community.

 Location: Mining Concession Arutmin, Asam, South Kalimantan.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Electric Car

Hope people of
Indonesia to be able create and produce electric cars
(Named Molina), will be implemented gradually.
Evidently, after the development time
Year by year, Ezzy I and Ezzy II are
developed by the student of University
Tehnologi 10 November (ITS), Surabaya,
that, when it entered the due diligence phase
by traversing the island of Java with distance
travel approximately 700 kilometers (km).
Minister of Education and Culture
(Education) Mohammad Nuh said, if the car was able to complete the testing service traveling 
Jakarta-Surabaya, he hopes Ezzy I and Ezzy
II could enter production in 2015.
"Based on the roadmap, if the tests are
Our call Tour de Java is running well then
expected in 2015 or 2016 entry process
manufacturing and began to be used for peoples "
Noah said in his office, Sudirman,
Jakarta, Friday (02/05/2014).
Noah explain  Ezzy I and Ezzy II still
in the form of prototypes. By doing so, 
The car still needs more development.
"Now we still focus on
develop technology. So naturally, if in
there has not been perfect, like a number of
parts that are still using the existing components
in the market, "he added.
Such as motors for example, ITS Surabaya
in collaboration with Oxford University. With
so the university can be shared
these technologies. Ezzy I and Ezzy II is currently in
journey to the first route, Jakarta -
Bandung. In addition another cars made by ITS student, namely Sapuangin, 
Sura and supercar Lowo Ireng also participate in
"The electric car is being developed at the University of
Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, ITS and Universitas Negri Surakarta (UNS), "said

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

APEC High Competitor


7 countries of the Asian smartphone makers have been competing fiercely to dominating the world market of gadgets try to beat Samsung and iphone that has dominated the market.  The counrty of smartphone makers are China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines.


1. Xiaomi This is perhaps the best known of any Asian startup, thanks to the fact that it’s already outselling Apple in China. Xiaomi plans to sell 60 million smartphones this year. Hiring ex-Google Android VP Hugo Barra last year stunned the world and signaled that it’s ready to explore new markets. What’s Xiaomi’s secret? Its smartphones sell for about half the price of Samsung’s and HTC’s flagship phones, yet the strength and versatility of its Android skin (called MIUI) makes them feel like top-quality products. Xiaomi keeps costs low by selling 70 percent of its phones online, and the rest via telco partners. It has no retail business to drain money. It also sells to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. It aims to roll out in more countries in Southeast Asia – the next stop will be Malaysia. And then it’ll tackle big markets like India. Xiaomi’s next continent will likely be South America. Lower down in the price range is the Xiaomi Redmi, which we reckon is the best phone you can get for a mere $130. Xiaomi models itself on Amazon, according to its founder. But the company’s minimal product line-up often leads to the media comparing it with Apple. Like Apple, Xiaomi has a streaming media box, and it has adapted that software to put into its own smart TV, the MiTV. Flagship phone: Xiaomi Mi4 has a 5-inch 1080p HD screen; 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor; 3GB RAM; 13MP back camera and a 8MP front one; Android 4.4; costs US$325 (16GB) or $405 (64GB) unlocked. Check out our Mi4 review.

2. Coolpad

Here’s another newcomer now outselling Apple in China. Coolpad is China’s third biggest smartphone brand in terms of sales, according to Gartner, thanks to a broad line-up of mostly cheap Android-based smartphones, with lots of special versions made for China’s three telcos. They won’t win any design awards and won’t blow your mind, but only 13 percent of Chinese people will buy smartphones that cost over $330 (that’s the psychologically important RMB 2,000 barrier) so the low-end market is vast. Coolpad has been an OEM for several telcos around the world (producing stuff like the MetroPCS Quatrro 4G phone for T-Mobile in the US), and that’s still part of its business. But Coolpad wants to stand on its own brand overseas, and it’s targeting Southeast Asia as a first step. Flagship phone: Coolpad Halo has a 7-inch 1080p HD screen; 1.7GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6592 processor; 2GB RAM; 13MP back camera and a 5MP front one; Android 4.2; costs US$320 for 8GB model.

3. Oppo

Oppo is another Chinese phone-maker that’s looking to be big overseas as well as at home. But, despite spending big on advertising with Hollywood faces, Oppo is struggling to get brand recognition in its native China. The company is aiming globally with its newest flagships, the OPPO N1 (pictured above) and Find 7. The brand offers Oppo’s own Android skin (dubbed Color OS), but for some markets there’s the option of CyanogenMod’s new OS, potentially making it a big draw for Android geeks. A spin-off company from Oppo called OnePlus launched this year (see below) and which challenges Oppo with a similarly strongly-specced phone with an even smaller price-tag. Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines – all young and fast-developing mobile markets – are target new markets for OPPO. Flagship phone: Oppo Find 7 has a 5.5-inch quad-HD screen (yes, that’s 2560 by 1440 pixels), 2.5GHz Snapdragon quad-core processor; 3GB RAM; 13MP rear camera (with software trickery it takes 50MP images) and a 5MP front one; Android 4.4; costs US$499 unlocked.

4. OnePlus

OnePlus, China’s newest big-bang phone-maker, burst onto the scene in May this year. Inspired by Xiaomi, it sells only online, and has strong hardware at a satisfyingly low price. Unlike Xiaomi, OnePlus is going global from day one. Indeed, OnePlus may do better outside China than it does at home, thanks to its use of CyanogenMod OS, a highly configurable reworking of Android that stays close to the look of stock Android. The tie-up with the respected modders at CyanogenMod also means that the OnePlus will get very timely Android updates – likely faster than any other brand on this list. Flagship phone: OnePlus One has a 5.5-inch 1080p HD screen; 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor; 3GB RAM; 13MP back camera and a 5MP front one; Android 4.4; costs US$299 (16GB) or $349 (64GB) unlocked. Check out our OnePlus One review.


5. Micromax Of all the firms on our list, Micromax is the closest to its goal of beating Samsung. 44 million new smartphones were shipped in India in 2013 – 38 percent of those from Samsung, 16 percent from Micromax. Like most of these Asian brands (though not the Chinese ones), Micromax also makes tablets and feature phones. Micromax started its overseas expansion late last year by venturing into Russia and Romania, two developing markets that it reckons have a strong desire for more affordable smartphones. Flagship phone: Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 has a 5-inch 720p HD screen; 1.7 GHz octa-core Mediatek MT6592 processor; 2GB RAM; 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front one; Android 4.4; costs US$215 for the 8GB model.

6. Karbonn

Karbonn made up 10 percent of smartphone shipments in India at the end of 2013. Karbonn is a bit smaller than Micromax, but both are growing strongly. Flagship phone: Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus has a 5-inch 1080p HD screen; 1.7 GHz MediaTek octa-core processor; 13MP rear camera and 8MP front one; Android 4.4; costs $240 unlocked.

7. Xolo

 Though smaller than its two compatriot rivals, Xolo is also keen for a slice of India’s low-end to mid-range smartphone market. However, the prices are not as tempting as those of its local rivals. Flagship phone: Xolo 8X-1000 has a 5-inch 1080p HD screen; 2 GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6592T processor; 2GB RAM; 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front one; Android 4.4; costs US$330 for the 16GB iteration.


8. Q Mobile

Q Mobile is the largest homegrown smartphone maker in Pakistan, making a mix of feature phones, smartphones, and tablets. The company started relatively recently – in 2009 – so it’s not struggling with a switch away from making basic phones in the same as as some other brands on this list. At the moment, Q Mobile has 43 smartphone models listed on its homepage. Flagship phone: Q Mobile Noir Quatro Z4 has a 5-inch 1080p screen; 1.5 Ghz processor (CPU brand not disclosed); 2GB RAM; 13MP rear camera and 5MP front one; Android 4.2; costs $290 unlocked.


9. Smartfren

Smartfren is different from the others in this list in that it’s a mobile telco company. It has 12.5 million subscribers, and it’s pushing forward Indonesia’s shift to Android with its own competitively-priced smartphones. In our experience, the cheap components can lead to a laggy and sub-par experience on Smarfren’s phones, but then they do cost well under $200 unlocked. Still, Xiaomi’s cheapest phone is only $130 but has much stronger specs and doesn’t feel laggy, so Smartfren (and many others on this list) have some catching up to do on their sub-$200 phones. Flagship phone: Smartfren Andromax Z has a 5.5-inch 720p screen; 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor; 1GB RAM; 8MP rear camera and 2MP front one; Android 4.2; costs $245 unlocked.

10. HiMax

 Indonesia’s HiMax (not to be confused with the Taiwanese chip-maker of the same name) might have learned something from brands like Oppo and Xiaomi to make stronger phones than compatriot rivals like Smartfren and the increasingly clueless Cyrus. Not only are the specs stronger, but HiMax is offering lower prices than other Indonesian phone brands and coming up with better looking software too. Flagship phone: HiMax Polymer S has a 5-inch 720p HD screen; 1.7 GHz MediaTek MT6592 processor; 2GB RAM; 13MP rear camera and 5MP front one; Android 4.4; costs $170 for the 8GB version.

11. Mito

 Mito sells tablets, feature phones, and smartphones. It’s based in Indonesia but it also operates in India. 80 percent of its sales are low-end, feature phone devices. It sold about two to three million devices in 2013, so it’s not going to sell that many smartphones, but it’s still one to watch as its ratio of smartphone sales increases. Flagship phone: Mito Fantasy A95 has a 5-inch 720p HD screen; 1.2 GHz Mediatek MT6589 quad-core processor; 1GB RAM; 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP front one; Android 4.2; costs $153 unlocked.


12. Ninetology With an emphasis on style and a bit more attention paid to design than is evident in the others on this list, Malaysia’s Ninetology is already, it claims, Malaysia’s second biggest phone-maker – behind, inevitably, Samsung. The Malaysian firm sells its phones in neigboring Indonesia. Flagship phone: Ninetology Z1T has a 5-inch 720p HD screen; 1.2 GHZ quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor; 1GB RAM; 13MP rear camera and 1.6MP front one; Android 4.3; costs $315 unlocked.


13. I-Mobile

 Like Cyrus and a couple of other firms on this list, Thailand’s I-Mobile is slowly transitioning from being a cloner of other people’s feature phones to a maker of its own Android devices. Its latest IQ range of phones packs in a commendable amount of camera for less that $300, which is a good idea for a country that’s so crazy about Instagram. Flagship phone: I-Mobile IQ X KEN has a 5-inch 1080p HD screen; 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor; 2GB RAM; 13MP rear camera and 1.3MP front one; Android 4.2; costs $528 unlocked.


14. Cherry Mobile

The Philippines has faster smartphone market growth than the likes of Indonesia and Vietnam, making it a country to watch right now. If you thought that Samsung has a dizzying array of options, Cherry Mobile makes the Korean giant look like a master of Zen simplicity. Cherry Mobile recently revealed 84 models – yes, eighty-four – that will be rolled out gradually during the course of a huge marketing blitz that will last for the next two months. It also makes tablets and feature phones. Cherry Mobile’s devices are all made in China or India. This brand also sells in Thailand. Flagship phone: Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 has a 5-inch 1080p HD screen; 1.7 GHz MediaTek MT6592 processor; 2GB RAM; 18MP rear camera and 8MP front one; Android 4.2; costs $300 for the 16GB version.

15. Starmobile

Starmobile is battling Cherry Mobile with even larger phones that generally have stronger specs at a lower price. As is commonplace among these homegrown Asian brands, Starmobile also makes basic phones and tablets so as to cover the nation’s wide demographic spread. Cherry Mobile and Starmobile are being stalked closely by two local rivals, MyPhone and Torque. It’s hard to discern which of the four is selling more phones right now, but a recent survey suggests Cherry Mobile is the top homegrown phone-maker. Flagship phone: Starmobile Octa has a 5-inch 1080p HD screen; 1.7 GHz MediaTek MT6592 processor; 2GB RAM; 18MP rear camera and 8MP front one; Android 4.2; costs $320 for the 16GB version.

Samsung has a lot more to worry about besides those. This is far from an exhaustive list, and there are more grass-roots smartphone makers out there across Asia. Also, let’s not forget that there are some major rivals in the Android space too. Samsung’s closest rival in China is actually Lenovo. And there are plenty more, well-established brands keen to be the top shipper of Android smartphones – like LG, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, to name but four.

(Update 1, April 2014: This article was published originally in October 2013 with 13 on the list. It’s now updated with a total of 15. Evercoss was deleted from the list so that Q Mobile, Cherry Mobile, and Starmobile could be added in; Update 2, September 2014: We’ve updated all the flagship phones. In addition, FPT and Cyrus were removed from the list to be replaced with OnePlus and HiMax)

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