Saturday, October 25, 2014

Flowering gardens

The location of this house is close to market 'Santa' Kebayoran baru Jakarta Selatan.. From the outside it looks no other flowers than interest flamboyant lush and thriving nearly covered the entire fence. This flamboyant flowers there are purple at a certain age. In this photo the  flowers that looks red, pink, yellow and orange colors.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Celebrating The new President and Vice President of Republic Indonesia 2014.

Evening after the inauguration of the President Mr.Joko Widodo and Vice Predident  Mr.Jusuf Kala, from Juanda train station to Monas area still looks crowded with thousands of people who will watch performances local bands and  band from England 'Arkarna'. This event was held not because of the government's initiative but by the will of the people supporting Mr.Joko Widodo through some event organizers as organizers. Events such as this is the first time in the past held for the inauguration of the President and his deputy have never held a celebration like this before.




Monday, October 20, 2014


Line Bogor To Jakarta, 
At the junction of railway lines when the alarm rang out seemed a man was repairing and replacing the alarm speaker. Can you imagine what would happen if no alarm signal sounds when being replaced?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Kecak dance

On this photo is the pure Cak dance 1930  before Walter Spies collaborated with local choreographer to merge part of the story of Ramayana become a part ritual of Cak Dance.  

Cak dance or Kecak dance is actually a ritual sacred dance as repellent reinforcements if a village hit by an outbreak of the disease.

Photographed by Walter Spies. Doc KITLV.Leiden Univ

Chinese Ceramics

This image was made a few days ago at the street vendors. Many products made in China with a selling price which can be purchased by the middle class because it is not too expensive.

There is many product made by China around market, Perhaps the quality of goods is almost the same with antiques made in China before the 19th century, The difference of goods manufactured today are mass produced, a little thin and the painting style similar to that created in the era of the Chinese empire.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weaving cloths

Weaving cloths made in Kupang Indonesia.  There is many pattern with knitting method to make this beautiful cloths.  It look very difficult motif or pattern to made.  Price of one cloths is 1 to 3 million rupiah (IDR) that depends detail of pattern. Place to buy in mayestik Mall kebayoran Baru Jakarta Indonesia.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Decoration Chaesundang

Chaesundang is the name of Korean restaurant and Bar in Senopati street, kebayoran baru Jakarta.  The menu name almost same with Japanese food like shabu2, oocha in Japanese or Chaa in Korean. First time when get inside to Chaesundang restaurant the atmosphere is Unique oriental decor,comfortable and nice hospitality waiters. my noodles dish tastes is good..Bon a petite

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bags from kupang

Weaving Knit bag from Nusa Tenggara barat. This bag can be used by people of Kupang inland to save they needs when traveling.  There is old coins accessories on this bag.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Handmade from Kupang

Weave cloth made in Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia. This is home made creation. The pattern is unique and different with other cloths because made by handcraft.
Dyes made from natural ingredients derived from grains, fruits and leaves that are not mixed with hazardous chemicals.  Price this handmade piece of cloth about 1 to 3 million rupiah (IDR) and that depends on motifs and patterns woven cloth creation.  Place in Mayestik Plaza 3 floor, Kebayoran Baru Foursquare, Jakarta Selatan Indonesia.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Its not true that goldfish can live in brackish water. Goldfish can live in fresh water clean and clear. goldfish in an aquarium with the temperature is not too cold and not too hot as the tropical temperature can extend the life of a goldfish. The flow of water by creating a small water wheel that rotates as a boost pump water continuously filter out impurities could make a comfortable living for  goldfish. Fish types of goldfish are omnivores herbivores. Surely goldfish that are kept in aquariums is  smaller in size than goldfish that are kept in the pool. The beauty of  atmosphere in the house would look on the house interior is equipped with goldfish kept in Aquarium.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cat eat grass

The cat walking slowly and he look not hungry.  When servant cutting garden grass this cat smell  and eat it.  although I shoot with mobile video, he doesnt care and continuous his act eating grass.  We dont have any information whos the owner of this cat and where he come from.  Maybe he lived around the house at Pondok Labu Jakarta.  He is clean, grey color body with short tail.  when I touched, he wasnt scared and enjoying caress of my hand.  did you ever seen cat's eat grass before?



Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cyber optic

New information from employee of telecommunication department Telkomsel Jakarta Selatan. Step by step all of internet services network that using parabola antenna for send long distance data will change the system and using new cyber optic technology.  They didnt explained when that method will realizing  it means all method with used parabola to send data will change. The trouble that using parabola to send data is to slow  and that depend of weather for strong signal. Some of the trouble when data send to very long distance island to island and the receiver parabola always got the trouble with electric source. Data will be stop in few hour to send with the reason electric source from diesel generator not work.  The server,router, modem,computer service was shoot off and cannot working for few days and there is no data will receive. This case is continuously since I visited some Island in Indonesia to check network and backup data of  Indonesian Nationality electronic personal identification number. I saw the evidence there is much trouble with server computer services for send data to central server in Jakarta. The most problem it was not come from parabola and server system but it come from electric source engine.  Maybe someday data will send with cyber optic cable more faster than parabola antenna although the generator engine is stop working because data already sent completely.


He lived around market and sleep in the corner floor.  He look healthy, clean and never scared to me when I touched. Maybe the owner bored to this cat and leave him stayed in market the place there is much food for his next life, he look beautiful when look at me with his lazy eyes.  Someone said to me that he have new owner when I want take him to my home. I hope you have nice comfortable  house and kind family, bye bye cuty cat!..

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mobile photography

I dont know whats the name of this exclusive boutique in Ritz Carlton  Jakarta. Just look at from outside door and behind the window glass, I take the picture of three man silent model.  With photo editor application software I give mexico  hat on they head because they are  loss hair. Now I think they are more charming use mexico hat than before.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Connecting People

On the top of tower there is wooden percussion in Bali Hinduism Temple is function for alarm and call people to pray at  temple.  At present moment,never be used again because of development  mobile technology the announcement can be conveyed through mobile phones.
For specific timber if hit repeatedly could be heard over 2 miles if wooden percussion is in villages far away  from the noisy highway sounds of modern transportation.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ceramic and Batik

Shooting from the top with background tablecloths with motif flower plants pattern. This ceramic bowl made Singkawang Indonesian Borneo. Diameter 15 CM 17 CM height. Batik table Clothes made in Madura Indonesia.  Private collection.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bali Wood Carving

Made in Ubud Bali Indonesia.  One of most art place for paintings, interior,statue and wood carving.

Monday, September 8, 2014


In this world they dont see what you done,
The real world but not real,
Its really really definitely free in this world,
What do you feel they dont know and never know,
You got your own freedom with enjoyed your done to something,some one, somebody,everyone you can doing what you want to them,
They see you and you see them and you see everything in this world,
If you see what they see  for real things its only you see, because they only vision for your eyes only,
If they said hello to you that was not real,
No body speaking and said hello to you,
If you felt that, it was only you heard,
Because in your mind you definitely want they say hello to you,
Definitely you want they say something to you, and it will be will be they said hello to you, because this is the dream world,
And you can do anything,
In this world, you are the ruler,
In this are the are so powerful..
How lovely and great they are created a dream, this is your chance to make your idea,power,ambition, lust, desire, beauty, pleasure, happiness, comfort, wealth will be happen and will be yours, even just overnight, but it feels a thousand nights, in this world, you are the king,
And your joy is never end...

Lets make a dream..Ciao..

Smartphone LG

Customer services explained with this type of Android Smartphone you can make photo creations with clear pictured without blur effect although the object moving fast. If you want make self photo with long distance its possible without timer and touching your smartphone. Simply by moving hands clenched without touching your camera switch,  with 5.000.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) this smartphone will belongs to you.

 . 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor
 . 3000 mAh/replaceable/wireless charging battery
 . Quick selfie and OIS+ camera
 . 1 -Watt speaker with boost amp

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Batik Madura and batik Lasem

Place in Cinere Mall basement. Batik Lasem and Batik Madura is unique for motif and color.  its soft color with motif of plants.


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