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The Temple 'Worship Of Love And Loyalty'

Sukuh is a Hindu temple complex
which is administratively located in the Village area Berjo, Ngargoyoso sub-district, Karanganyar, ex Surakarta, Central Java. This temple categorized as a Hindu temple since the discovery
object of worship phallus and yoni. This temple is considered controversial because of its less common and
because the depiction of human genitals in explicit in some figure.
Sukuh been proposed to UNESCO to be
one of the World Heritage Site since 1995.
A brief history of discovery Sukuh site was first reported at the time British government in Java in 1815 by Johnson, resident of Surakarta. Johnson was then assigned by Thomas Stanford Raffles to collect data- the data in order to write his book The History of Java. After
the reign of Great Britain passed, in 1842,
Van der Vlis, Dutch archaeologist, doing research. The first restoration began in 1928. The location of the temple
Location Sukuh located on the slopes of the foothills of Mount Lawu at an altitude of approximately 1,186 meters above
sea ​​level at coordinates 07 ° 37, 38 '85' 'latitude South and 111o07 ,. 52'65 '' West Longitude. The temple is located
in Hamlet Sukuh, Berjo Village, District Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar, Central Java. This temple is approximately 20 kilometers from the town of Karanganyar and 36 kilometers from Surakarta.
The structure of the temple Plan Sukuh.
Sukuh building gives the impression of simplicity striking at the visitors. Impression obtained from this temple so different from that obtained from major temples in Central Java the Borobudur and Prambanan. Shape Sukuh buildings tend to be similar to the Mexico Mayan cultural heritage or legacy Inca culture in Peru. This structure also reminded the
visitors will be forms of the pyramids in Egypt. This simplicity impression attract archaeologists illustrious Netherlands, W.F. Stutterheim, in 1930. She try to explain it by giving three argument. First, the possibility of sculptor Sukuh but not a bricklayer carpenter villages and not from the palace. Second, the temple made
with somewhat hastily so that less tidy. Thirdly, the political situation at that time with the approaching collapse
Majapahit, it is not possible to make temples large and magnificent.
The visitors who entered the main door
entering the biggest gate will see architectural forms Typical that is not arranged perpendicular but somewhat
oblique, trapezoidal in shape with a roof on it. Rocks in this temple reddish color, because stones used is the type of andesite .. The first terrace of the temple
The main gate of the temple Sukuh.
On the first terrace there is the main gate. At the gate There are a sengkala Memet in the Java language
Aban blind archway reads wong ("giant archway human prey "), which each have
meaning 9, 5, 3, and 1. If reversed then obtained years 1359 (Saka) (1437 AD). This year's figures often
regarded as the foundation of this temple, though more likely is the year of the completion of the gate built
this. On the other side there is also a relief sengkala Memet Intangible elephant turbaned snake tail biting. This
considered to symbolize the sound of blind anahut tail gate ("Giant arch bite tail"), which can also be interpreted as a Saka 1359. Relief sengkala at gate
Sengkala Memet (picture) which is interpreted as Aban wong blind arches.
Sengkala Memet were interpreted as blind gate anahut tail.  The second terrace of the temple Gate on the second terrace is damaged. The right and left archway there is a statue that guards the door or Dwarapala regular there, but in a state of disrepair and has not clear shape again. Gate is not roofed and on this terrace there are a lot of statues. On this gate there is a language candrasangkala
Java which reads elephant tail means wiku anahut "Elephant Priest biting tail " in Indonesian.  These words have meaning 8, 7, 3, and 1. If reversed
Saka then obtained in 1378 or in 1456 AD.
The third terrace of the temple
On the third terrace there are great courtyard with a temple parent and some of the panels on the left and be relief
statues on the right. Right above the main temple in the middle there is a
squares that looked like a place
put offerings. Here there are traces of incense, incense and incense is burned, so it looks still often used to pray.

New Smartphone Blaupunkt

The unique smartphone now for the youngs, person who feel young and the old who wants to enjoying music with the atmosphere like in hall or live music event. You should try hearing phil harmonic orchestra with blaupunkt headphone, there is something different the sound of music make your fantasi like real you are the singer standing there or you seat on chair to enjoying opera orchestra!

Specifications Blaupunkt Soundphone Sonido X1 +
Network: GSM 2G / 3G
Screen: IPS 5.5 "a resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels + Dragontrail
System: Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Processor: 1.7 GHz Mediatek MT6592 (octa-core Cortex-A7)
Graphics: Mali-450MP
Memory: 16GB
Camera: 8MP + 13,2MP
Connections: WiFi, WiDi, GPS + GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0,
microUSB 2.0
Battery: Li-ion 3000mAh
Dimensions: 14.8 × 7.4 × 0.78 cm
Weights: 140 grams
Price: 4.799.000 Rupiah (including headphone BPA-102)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From Facebook to Google+

Can Google+ (Google Plus) stole
users of Facebook? Yes. There are several reasons that either to change  from Facebook to Google+, ranging from easy to use data privacy. The question "Can Google+ beat Facebook? ". The question is actually probably not too right. This is not about one site against sites other. Google+ bigger than that. The reason why Google calls "Google+ Project" is that Google+  Will be a central part of the overall identity Google. It will reshape the company.  So the more appropriate question is "Can Google beat up? "If it is placed such that, The contest seems to be much more balanced. Of course, Facebook has a great beginning, but there several good reasons for people to be seriously leave Facebook for Google+. There are at least 9 :

1. Integration with Google services
The largest portion of which is owned by Google to attract people
using Google+ is integration. This means that Google will build Google+ features and equipment to almost all its online services ranging from document search to Video. Google+ is already integrated into almost a whole Google products.
This allows you to monitor all events
Google+ (messages, updates, etc.) while dividing content with friends without leaving the Google service you are currently using. Millions of people use
Google's free services (Gmail, Docs, Search, etc.), and the attachment of these services with Google+ it might be easy for someone to leave Facebook.

2. Management of a better friendship
Google is true that the concept of "circles" or the Circle more
according to the way we make friends in real life. Us have many kinds of friends, and we interact and communicate with them in a variety of ways different. Facebook Groups feature allows you
formed a special group of friends, but compared to conducted in Google+, it seems impractical. Anyway, Facebook groups feature is still new (additional),
whereas Circle is a cornerstone of the Google platform +.

3. Mobile applications better
If you are an Android user, you can know that
obtaining content from your phone to social platforms
easier, cleaner, more functionality with
Google+ mobile app. The application is already
steady, but Google will continue to seek and find ways
to make your Android into the body of
your Google+ social platform. Google hopes to
using its Android user base is large
as a part against Facebook, the application
although its mobile look pretty but a little clumsy to

4. Easier to find things and shared
Spark features of Google+ is one more important thing
distinguishes it from Facebook. Spark is where
Leverage Google search engine to do
something that can not be made up, namely
giving users instant information flow relevant
to be shared with friends. Because Facebook does not
has a search engine, users must leave
the site looking for data that can be shared or
wait for them to share with their friends.
The question "how do I look for something to
shared "directly answered by Spark.

5. You can retrieve your data
Facebook is known less reliable handling of personal data.
For example, you are forced to make certain parts of data
Your personal appear to the public, and very difficult to be
permanently delete your Facebook profile. On the other hand,
Google makes it possible for you to take
all the data that you place in Google+ then go. Case
This is done through a device called Google+ "Data
Liberation ". With just a few clicks you can
download data from your Picassa Web Albums, Profile
Google, Google+ stream, Buzz and contacts.

6. Labeling better photos
When viewing photos in Google+ you can label name
the people in it similar to Facebook. You
make a small square around their faces,
then typing their name in the box
underneath or select one of the names the guessed
Google+. But there is a big difference where Google
addressing aspects of privacy in the labeling of photos. When You
label someone, there will be a record like this
"Adding this tag will notify the person who
you labelling. They can photograph and the related album. "In on the other hand, Facebook does not make an effort to
warn people that they have to be labeled
(May be in the photo is not good) and give
they are a direct opportunity to issue
(Remove) the label.
Google also has decided to slightly embarrassed using facial recognition software, which now used Facebook to automatically identify people in photos uploaded to the album users.

7. The group chat feature steady
Google+ has a feature that beat Facebook in Chat affairs. It's easy to create a special group video chats using the Hangouts feature Google+, and create a special group to chat seems to be something natural and fun to do in social networking. Case Similar is also done by the Huddle mobile applications
make Android users start a group text chat. Facebook does not offer this device.

8. Divide the content safer
Prompts privacy has long been asking the social networking site
to allow the user to specify the level
Privacy any shared content, rather than using a list of the initial settings that determine all content were divided. Google seems to hear the request,
and build these capabilities into Google+.
For example, if I share an article or
upload pictures from the camera, Google+ gives My choice circle of friends which I want to share such content. it is an advantage Google+.

9. Google better care of your personal data Running a social network, it's all about responsibility to take care of personal information users. Facebook is a young company fast moving which has proved imperious in movement, less concerned about the privacy of data
users, and easily accessible to others. On the other hand, Google is a company that is a much more mature which looks much more reliable than Facebook.
In large part, Google has operated based
catchphrase "Do not Be bad user"

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Monday, May 18, 2015

New innovation of Lamp Technology

Universitas Brawijaya students Create a Lifetime lamp Monday, 18 MEI 2015 | 5:10 pm Malang, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Universitas Brawijaya transform bacteria into energy-saving lamps.

With Elok ,Fitriany Tauziat, Nurhasna Fauziyyah, and Alfie M. Arifin hands, bacteria Bioluminescene processed into biolie lamp which produces light 10.68 watts. This lamp is able to light up a room within a radius of 68 meters.

"Energy-saving lamps can overcome the problems of the energy crisis," said Elok, Sunday, May 17, 2015. Along with population growth, the growing energy needs. While the energy supply dwindling fossil-based energy.

Bacterial Bioluminescence is a bacteria that is stuck in the body of the squid. The bacteria are able to emit blue light. The lights grew brighter if the number of bacteria content plus. "The light that is generated does not generate heat," he said.
The lamp has a variety of advantages, namely the environmentally friendly and economical because it can be worn for life. Because of dead bacteria will produce new sires. Easy lamp against the wall or placed on a table.

How to make it, the bacteria from the body of the squid isolated in a biolie with a concentration of 4,6x109 CFU per milliliter. Biolie is a device consisting of a lens mica, compressed sawdust, and aerator.

"To be able to continue to shine this light, the bacteria nourished," she said. Nutrients in the form of organic material from fermented vegetables. The trick, finely chopped vegetables poured soy sauce, sugar, and EM4 then dried.

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Sultan Obsession with Fat Woman

Ibrahim I (5 November 1615-Istanbul
12/18 August 1648) is a Turkish Ustmani  sultan from 1640 to 1648. In unofficially he is often called as Ibrahim the Mad (Turkey languages: Deli Ibrahim) because of psycho neurosis. One of the famous Ottoman Sultan, he was released from Kafes and replace his elder brother Murad IV (1623-40) in 1640, although contrary to expectations Murad IV, which had been ordered killed.
Murad IV itself replaced elder brother Osman II in 1622. Inheriting all the cruelty not yet the ability of his elder brother, Ibrahim bringing the country almost fell in
short period of time - perhaps together with the power of Phocas (1602-
1610) from the Byzantine Empire. Maybe
as suffering from mental instability, he
touted suffer neurastheria and
also depressed after the death of his
brother. Reign occurred because of his Greek mother. Sultane Kosem that shortly prevented controlling a country like expectations.  He is known to be tempted by the fat woman decreed the people find fattest woman. A prospective
brought from Georgia or Armenia and
Ibrahim was so pleased with it
so he gave him the government funds
and (possibly) as the governor. He
seen feeding fish that live in palace with coins so he often called the Mad. Initially Ibrahim quit politics, but eventually he was held increase and the death penalty amount vizier, war with Venessia, and although La Serenissima, Venessia ship won the war along the Aegean seized Tanedos (1646) Sea gate Dardanelles. Ibrahim administration grow more rapidly than the estimated. Finally, he dropped in
a coup by Mufti,There are stories doubt that Supreme Great Mufti do so because Ibrahim decision to killed 280 harem.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

COVENTRY - automobile manufacturers Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)
turned out to have a unique way of recruiting manpower,
they chose the former Army soldier, marine,and Air to become experts in the Solihull factory,West Midlands, England.
Former military members have been disciplined and ability above the average of other workers. They considered to be able to operate the sophisticated tools
with robotic systems used in the factory.
"They are quite fantastic because it can adapt and learn quickly, it's like working in groups original military, "said Nick Miller, Jaguar XE engineering boss as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (30/04/2015).
The man who is a former Army captain
Territorial at the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers adding, discipline and thought processes of military means is something that is of high value. They indeed prepared to be on the front line
in defending the country.
"They have clear goals and objectives, assertiveness, so perfect if collaborated with power Our tradition of work. It's great that Jaguar Land Rover into a manufacturer that does This approach, "he said. Jaguar Land Rover  has recruited more than 100 the former military members who majored in
Jaguar XE sedan development projects.

Source : Daily Mail
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cannibalism from Wales

London - A woman reported
was killed by a man in England. The incident reported as cannibal action. The suspect died after police attacked him with shock weapons. It is directly into the public spotlight.  Starting from the security guards suspicious because no
allowed into the men's shelter
named Matthew Williams. The heartbreaking events Uncovered.
Police then came to the building of the former Hotel Sirhowy Arms in Argoed, Blackwood, United Kingdom, after
received reports of attacks on women and
acts of cannibalism.
"He was 34 years reported eating eyeballs and face 22-year-old woman, who died
his injuries, "wrote The Independent on Friday (10/07/2014).
Police confirmed they had used a Taser (tool shock) with the power of 50,000 volts into the body of Williams, which has
prevent police get inside his house.
"When arrested, the man had fainted. Officers paramedics gave first aid, he
was pronounced dead at the time, "said one policeman.  As quoted from the BBC, Matthew Williams mentioned as
Local residents and victims came from Blackwood. Police saw no other people involved in the incident and believe the victim and perpetrator know one each other.
So far, forensic teams have been combing the region for clues on Thursday, October 6th yesterday. While many people crowding watched from beyond the limits of police custody.
Locals, June Trace said that the building
it never functioned as a place of accommodation for bum a few years ago. "It's very shocking, "he told BBC Wales.
The investigation related to the death of women who are victims cannibalism is now underway British forces.
Matthew previously was recently released from prison 2 last week related to other cases. He has served half 5 years of imprisonment on violent attacks to his  spouse.

Matthew William

Source : BBC,  Doc Photo : Mirror,
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Thursday, May 7, 2015



Drone is aircraft remote controlled from
distance to spy on the enemy. Appropriate
with innovation  of technology, the drones used to observe and shoot objects, either for photography or filming.
Shooting objects through drones carried out by various agencies. For example, companies mining using drones to
observe the mining areas. Tax Office
use it to calculate the area of ​​an object
taxes. While the advertising company
using drones to make a video profile
or video advertising.
"Now it is more easily operated drone
by using the software that
modified on the computer, "said the expert robot from
University Surya, Riza Muhida, told Tempo, two weeks ago. It makes everyone the opportunity to utilize drones
various purposes.
In the event Mega Bazaar 2015 in early March then, one of the drones, the DJI
exhibiting a number of its products. Majority a drone for hobby purposes and
making short films. One of them shows
the ability to record images on Semanggi bridge, Jakarta.
To use a more simple, drones
also used as a tool airplane races. This
similar to a controlled racing cars
via remote control.
Fastest competition of drone as it was also held in race in Berkeley, California, USA, Saturday. Organizers of the event,
Scott Refsland, claiming this race more exciting rather than a remote control car race. For example, a drone branded Stingray 500 has the ability to fly relatively fast and can maneuver attractive. "Fly drones can generate  adrenaline,really  you will feel shaky, "said Refsland, as reported by the site Berkeleyside.
He went on, it takes strategy right in
adjust the balance.
Refsland may be true. Therefore, the ability of controlling drones are the main points tested. So, no longer how fast or high You fly drones. While most users only using drones for races or record
movies and photos, another case with Amazon.
The e-commerce company even plans
using drones as a medium of instruction
order goods clients.
But the most surprising breakthrough is
an idea initiated by Facebook. The most popular social media tries
using drones as a medium for
establish Internet access. With cruising
wide, a jumbo-sized drones designed to provide Wi-Fi Internet access, that target poor countries and develops. This issue to review the use of drones, as well as trends abroad in country.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Death Penalty

Australian Federal Police have serious attention before the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, two drug dealers from Australia, in Nusakambangan, Central Java. Both were prisoner to death
will be brought before a firing squad in the near future. Chan and Sukumaran known as the leader of the group Australian drug dealers, dubbed the "Bali Nine".
They were arrested at Ngurah Rai airport internasinoal, Denpasar, Bali in 2005 while trying to smuggle 8
kilograms of heroin into Australia.
Ironic Chan, Sukumaran, and seven members the group was arrested by Indonesian police for information from the Australian federal police.
Australian federal police to this day continue to say that the way they handle the case, by submitting the Bali Nine group to police of Indonesia, it was the right action. Australian federal police commissioner, Andrew Colvin, said it "did not responsible for blood " Chan and Sukumaran. But the Australian public is angry continued to press the police.
They criticized the federal police decision not arrest  Chan and Sukumaran in Australia and the region instead submit them to Indonesia, which has long
had a policy of capital punishment for drug dealers.
A document released to the public thanks to the enactment
information disclosure laws in Australia shows that after "Bali Nine", precisely from 2009, Australian police policy requiring change the approval of the federal minister-level officials
before sharing information with law enforcement other countries.
The document was strengthened by the testimony of Bob Myers, a
lawyers who are friends with Lee Rush, the father of Scott Rush, one member of the Bali Nine now Indonesia in prison. Scott Rush was sentenced the death penalty in Indonesia, but in 2011 his sentence commuted to life imprisonment.
Myers claims he is the one who gives
Australian police information about smuggling The heroin. He got the information from Lee Rush, which
told him that his son might be involved in the plan narcotics smuggling.
Myers federal police to request that the case was
dealt with quietly. Unfortunately he betrayed by federal police, which he said "is acting like cowboy "with indulgence that information to the police Indonesia and later washing his hands of the case.
"The public servants of our, assigned to
protect us, precisely by deliberately sacrificing their (Bali Nine group) with a reason to now they said, "regrets Myers.
But according to Damien Kingsbury, a political science lecturer and international relations at Deakin University, Melbourne,
there is the possibility of federal police intentionally 'sell' group Bali Nine to Indonesia to seek cooperation
Indonesian anti-terrorism police.
"Australian police were saving themselves. Clearly they realized there was a mistake, that there is a mistake in
this process. They still can not admit it, because it means they recognize their own mistakes, "says Kingsbury.
According to the federal police version, they handed Sukumaran, Chan and his colleagues to Indonesia because
worried the group would qualify arrival in Australia.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Axl Rose

Los Angeles.

Singer of Guns N 'Roses. Axl Rose, wrote a letter to President Joko Widodo related of death execution 8 drug prisoner in Nusakambangan, Central Java
which was held Wednesday night. Axl Rose letter delivered two days before the 8 prisoners executed.
Axl Rose letter dated on 27 April has posted to Facebook, shortly before Australian Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran and five Another prisoner was shot dead. "It is true I do not know these people. I never meet them, but their stories are very touched me, "Rose wrote in his letter.
In the letter, Axl Rose argues, sometimes
people make mistakes that can be a big mistake. However, he continued,
everyone will learn from their mistakes
and make a new selection. People like this, will make changes in they life that
usually a positive impact.
"Do not understand and do not give
opportunities to those who guilty for
changes, such as becoming more big  crime, "wrote Axl Rose.
Guns N 'Roses visited Indonesia in 2012
last in the series of their tour in Asia. Axl
Rose said visit to Jakarta as
a very special experience and Interesting. At that time he was grateful to Jokowi
who served as Governor of Jakarta has
received them with hospitality.
"Those people (prisoner of death penalty) must to die for warning to the others, I think same with abductee or the hostage murder by terrorist, so they get what they want," wrote Axl Rose.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

People Needs

Traveled around more than 10 km in a cage with friend's from the farm to the place for sale. Wait a long time in the box because of traffic jams. Whether asleep in the box, fatigue, dehydration or does not move due to disease and die. Other fainting another strong life waiting to be cooked in the cauldron.

Spicy Lunch

Fried chicken curry spices, meat spices dry thin green peppers, fried shrimp, vegetables, cassava leaves, rendang, chicken steamed, fried sambal ati, rendang spices fried calamari, three rice dishes, hot sweet tea. the composition of food seasonings, among others flavored with turmeric, ginger, salt, onion, garlic, green chili cayenne, nutmeg, galangal, pepper, coriander without preservatives.

Cat With Face Like Human

Name       : ?
Lives        : Den Over, Holland
Age           : ?
Owner      :  Tata Jeje Baker
Duty          :  Security in Den Over House
Activity     : Eat,Sleep on Terrarium,drink
Price         : Not for sale
Unique      : Human Face

Photographed by Tata Jeje Baker
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I've been twice find this locust. Usually if the upcoming dry season grig pests with this type sucking fluid of rice plant so that the rice crop failed harvest. The first time I found it on the fence in the area Kukusan Depok, and now in the area of ​​Pondok Labu. I do not have knowledge about insects. But a few years ago I was also found the insect in urban areas and then next time later more than thousand the pests with this type attack padee plant in West Java in the region producing rice plants, so that rice harvest was failed. Now the season is cannot be prediction even in Indonesia is tropical weather.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bomb was found on the road that will pass the President car and his entourage.

Jokowi car and entourage when exiting Airports Soewondo, Polonia, Medan. (Suheri /
Deliserdang - President Jokowi appeared to have become the target of terrorists. Two high explosive bombs found just 50 meters from Simpang Tiga Rumah Makan, Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), where Jokowi and the group will have lunch in that place, on Saturday (18/04/2015).

Information compiled mentioned, two bombs were found by three residents bodies lying on the ground near the Trans Sumatra (Jalinsum). Two bombs were found residents directly secured Deliserdang Kodim 0204.

Third residents who found the bomb is Andi, Guntur and Sugeng, three residents Lubukpakam, Deliserdang. At that time, the three young men were walking and found a plastic bag lying on the roadside.

Location of the discovery of two high explosive bombs is very close to home meal that will be visited Jokowi and his entourage. Initially the three did not think it was a bomb, they immediately brought and sold to scrap metal collectors. When receiving these objects, scrap metal collectors was scared. Because the object he was holding was a bomb.

District Military Officers also got a call. The second bomb was then secured to the District Military Command Headquarters 0204 Deliserdang. Both bombs is high-explosive bomb, namely types 76 MM mortar caliber cannon weighing 13 Kg. This bomb had a destructive force to a radius of 150 meters.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Some Place In West Java

Driving a car through the streets in residential 'Bumi Pesanggrahan' Cinere Depok. The atmosphere here feels comfortable with the trees planted alongside right and left. There are still some undeveloped land planted with grass so that homes and vacant land such as golf courses. Bougenville trees planted a few twists. I'm not interested with building house nearby that looked beautiful, sturdy with The best material, Im not enough money to buy that expensive house, I'm more amazed with the atmosphere and its lush green gardens remembered somewhere in Bergen when summer may be located on the border between the Nederland's and German. The question is 'who is the architect of this park?'..

Should Prostitution Under Control Of Government?

Jakarta - Vice Chairman the Association of Indonesia Family Disaster Budi Wahyu disclose sexually transmitted diseases in Jakarta can be hit if no localization prostitutes. The reason, the majority of sex workers are women who are still in a subordinate position in social relations. "At least in localization, sex workers can receive regular assistance and health checks," said Budi Tempo, Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

According to Budi, the agency advised the government of Jakarta to build localization prostitutes to oversee the practice of prostitution is increasingly rife. Localization of development, he said, is still seen as the best way than by allowing prostitution flourished in hidden places unknown government.

He explains, women are often in a helpless position when asking her partner wearing a condom during intercourse. Prostitutes, said Budi, often accused of suffering from venereal disease suspect their partners when requesting the use of condoms. Moreover, both prostitutes and people who often use the services of prostitutes susceptible sexually transmitted diseases if not controlled prostitution business.

According to Budi, who never falls handles localization Flower Market, Yogyakarta, prostitutes who supervised the localization has a chance to avoid infectious diseases by 50 percent than the prostitutes outside localization. Therefore, they have a chance to obtain a medical examination facility once a month. "Even now involved in monitoring the health center and check their health."

Thus, said Budi, brothel instrumental enforce the use of contraceptives for the health of prostitutes. In addition, the government has access to monitor their health. He did not reject the paradigm of society about the concept of localization is still negative. But, he advised the Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama to involve communities around the prospective place of localization so as not to reject the idea that development.

Community engagement, said Budi, that is the provision of access to the surrounding communities on economic resources. He cited the brothel can create new livelihoods, namely the opening of food stalls run citizens. "People are finally take responsibility also at that location," he explains.

Around 1970 until the 1990s, Jakarta had brothel Kramat Tunggak in Kramat Jaya, Tugu Utara Vilage, District Koja under the leadership of Governor Ali Sadikin. Localization has become the biggest brothel in Southeast Asia. At that time the number of prostitutes more than 2,000 people under control at least 258 of pimp.

Localization Kramat Tunggak  the place of livelihoods of more than 700 house servant, 800 hawkers, and 155 motorcycle taxi drivers. Not to mention laundry and food stall owners are scattered around it. Localization of land that continues to grow to 12 hectares. But in 1999, on the idea of ​​Governor Sutiyoso, localization was closed in 1999 and built the Jakarta Islamic Centre.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Government Of Indonesia Paying Debt

Indonesian government pay debts worth Rp 78.618 trillion from January to March 2015. The payment consists of interest at Rp 40.254 trillion, and the principal amount Rp 36.194 trillion.
According to data quoted from the site
Ministry of Finance, Tuesday (04/21/2015), total debt has been paid the equivalent new with 18.99 per cent of all government debt which mature in 2015.
In 2015, the government Rp 413.946 trillion for debt repayment consisting of Rp 151.968 trillion for pay interest and Rp 261.978 trillion for repayment of debt principal. In 2014, Indonesia was paying
up to Rp 370.472 trillion debt consisting of Rp 133.440 trillion interest and principal Rp 237.032 trillion debt. Until March 2015, total government debt
Indonesia is USD 2795.84 trillion
consists of a loan of Rp 696.48 trillion
and state securities (SBN) Rp
2099.35 trillion.

Innovation Battery Technology


The battery has an important role on multiple devices, because the energy source for electronic devices. Therefore, some of the technologies being developed so that the battery can be more durable and efficient.

Currently Li-ion technology is widely used in batteries in various devices. However, the technology is being developed to allow the smartphone can be used for days, electric cars run so far more than 500 miles, and homes to save energy derived from solar panels or other sources last for days without using the grid.

Following promising discoveries into better battery life, as reported by Phone Arena, Sunday (22/03/2015).


Lithium-sulfur most likely use today. article, this is the cheapest and easiest technology to achieve next-generation batteries. Li-s offers up to five times the energy density of Li-ion batteries in use today.

Porous Silicon Li-ion Batteries

USC researchers managed to achieve the fastest ion release at a low price. The result, can save three times more than conventional batteries in smartphones and faster charging to 10 minutes.

Magnesium Batteries

This technology is expected to have an energy density of eight to 12 times higher than the lithium batteries and five times more efficient. This is because the magnesium ions in the electrolyte carries a positive charge double to lift the overall amount of stored energy density.


IBM is working with researchers, government laboratories, and industry leaders to work on Project 500. This technology is expected to be able to be a gas tank in the electric car and battery Lithium-Air arena suitable for all applications, including mobile phones are considered to be very suitable for the technology Here you are.

Peptide Chiton teeth and shells of snails

Chiton teeth recently found to be the strongest organic material known to man. Researchers from the University of California was used to grow the nano crystals in order to make its contents more quickly and cheaply.

Not only that, other recent developments is to isolate peptides snail shell is a type of biological molecule that binds strongly to the lithium nickel manganese oxide (Lmno), so it can be used to make the cathode in high-performance batteries.

Philips Xenium W8510
With Long Lasting Battery Philips as one of The world's largest smartphone vendor has now been prepare the newest product Philips Xenium W8510 with high specifications and can survive in the period a very long time. It is very allows for the device to use by 3000 mAh battery that can last up to 18 hours for the full talk and about 35 days for time standby.
If the battery has a large capacity, of course, charging time will be longer than other battery types. But this does not apply to the Philips Xenium W8510 were able to charge the battery faster than usually, so it helps you in perform a variety of activities with a more flexible.
Philips Xenium W8510 comes with a screen design measuring 4.7 inches at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with
quality video playback at 720p. In terms of performance .This smartphone devices incorporate MediaTek chipset MT6589 with a quad core processor ARM Cortex A7 speed 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and use the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
Currently the price and specs Philips Xenium W8510 still has not been confirmed in detail by Philips as The smart phone device makers. And the
so fans can expect once they
sell the device between 2 million to 3 million Rupiah Indonesia.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Embassy of Indonesia in Yemen Hit by Bomb

Embassy of Indonesia (Embassy) in Sana'a, Yemen, hit by  bomb that resulted two people were slightly injured.  Similarly, according to information compiled from sources in the government Between Monday (04/20/2015).
Meanwhile, some embassy staff fled the residence of the Ambassador of Indonesia in Sana'a. The bomb destroyed about 90 percent mentioned the Embassy building.

Yemen is now a great hit by armed conflict after Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries allies launched a military operation to curb the Shiite Houthi rebels.

The military operation involving air strikes that begins on March 26, just two days after the Yemeni government begs the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) military intervention into the country.

Conflict in Yemen occurred after Houthi rebel stronghold depose President Mansour Hadi Abdrabbuh. Hadi then attempt to maintain power by fleeing the capital Sanaa and set up a government center in the city of Aden.

Lunge the Houthis have aroused suspicion of Saudi Arabia that their action is supported by the Iranian government, which also Shia. However, both groups Houthis and Iran dismissed the allegation.

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